What to pack…?

Posted on: October 13th, 2008 by Amy Grant 20 Comments

Usually I don’t even drag my suitcase out of the closet until the clock is ticking off the last 24 hours, but I’m so full of anticipation for this 20 city run that I’m starting today…three days out.
I wonder if I can still button one of the copies of that leopard print Unguarded jacket…might be fun to wear for an old song.
The fact is, I ‘be never thought too much about wardrobe.
Why start now?
It’s all about the music…always has been.
Tennessee is beautiful this time of year.
I’ll miss watching the leaves change.

  • sarah

    go for the jacket!

  • Allan Enerson, Jr.

    Speaking of your leopard print jacket, I have a “stand-up” life size of you given to me by a friend this past weekend wearing the jacket.
    Let me know if you can use it on the tour….. I can drop it off to Jennifer Cooke or I can bring it to the Branson, Missouri show for you…..
    in Memphis

  • Dot Stoll

    I can’t wait until you get to Prior Lake, MN. I’m driving over from SD. I can hardly breathe, I’m so excited!! Your music has been a huge inspiration for me. Thanks for sharing your walk with the Lord with us!

  • http://www.crossyourts.blogspot.com Kelly Hoeckelberg-Young

    Oregon’s leaves are going to be gorgeous just in time for your concert on the 27th! We’ll hope for a perfectly sunny, cool day, so they look especially beautiful for you! Can’t wait for your concert. Safe travels.
    Kelly, Jeff, Braden, and Keiya

  • Jacquie

    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck in all your upcoming concerts. They sound like they will be a lot of fun! Wish we could go, but you are not coming to our part of the country. We are enjoying the changing leaves here in Michigan. I always love the trees that change before the others do and seem to just pop with color! God’s little bit of sunshine!
    Take care and enjoy the tour! :)

  • Lionel

    Take the leopard jacket with you! Many of us would love a trip down memory lane. We’ll be dancing with you too!

  • Jackie Watson

    My husband and I attended the concert in Augusta yesterday. Thanks for the awesome performance!
    Looking forward to the Christmas concert in Atlanta.

  • Deb Erpelding

    Amy, You’ll be in Minnesota just in time to see through the trees! We won’t have any leaves left for you but it will be cool, crisp and you’re liable to have nostalgic Christmas time feelings. Have a wonderful time during your tour! I’ll look forward to seeing you on November 1st! Deb Erpelding


    I love you anyway!

  • Ryan

    The leopard jacket is a classic Amy icon! Would love to see it :) I have been tryin to find one similar to it for Halloween but have been unsuccessful. I guess even the 80’s had a time and place haha. The trip around the country should be beautiful to see, although here in the central valley of California there is not much in the way of beautiful leaves.

  • Rashana Buttolph

    Dearest Amy,
    My name is Rashana and I am one of your biggest fans. My parents saw you in concert in Hawaii when we lived there so I am hoping to see you sometime also. you are the best and a beautiful christian woman and you have a very cute husband and children

  • Janice

    Only 3 days till we see your smiling face in Phoenix! It’s cooled off a lot so should be great weather for your short stay. Please wear your spotted jacket! I love that one!

  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    Hey Amy..good luck with the packing and I say pull out the jacket!! :-)

  • Cam

    Hi Amy,
    I am so very excited for your “Lead Me On” tour. That was and still is my favorite album of all time. I feel like I grew up alongside of you – your music and life stories, and actually pulled out that CD about a month ago when I was going thru a difficult time in a relationship…I couldn’t stop listening to it….still so very encouraging and inspiring. I’m hoping that as the tour goes, you’ll be inspired to add a date or 2 in the Chicago area after Christmas sometime!! Thanks for reviving a very special album for many of us fans out here!

  • Cassie

    Amy, I”ve always wanted to know where you’ve kept the leopard jacket all these years. Care to share???

  • Faith Dawson

    Please wear the leopard jacket! (: I would love that! And don’t be afraid to dance your heart out! Just go with the flow and let God move you. We will all be dancing with you… Hope all is well… Looking forward to seeing you in Ft. Worth!

  • tamie

    I see a BIG open space from Nov 1 to the 11th to add a date in Colorado! You will be pretty close when you are in Las Vegas…..Aspen leaves…..Great views!

  • Angelika

    Hi Amy,
    It’s easy to see that you’re making a lot of people very happy with this LMO tour. Can I just say that I’m sure you’re making even more people real unhappy because they have to miss out on it, ha! This tour is an awesome idea and if I didn’t live in Austria I would definitely be there for one of your shows! My only hope is that some clips will eventually show up on youtube so the rest of the world can see what they missed :) I love your music! Thanks for sharing it!

  • http://www.inspiredlooks.blogspot.com Veronica

    YES! Bring and wear the jacket!!
    I just recently pulled out the old Unguarded Album and Sweatshirt I have.
    If I end up making one of the Texas shows I thought about wearing it to crack you up. Not sure if it fits like it use to!!
    I might have to just hold it up…LOL!
    Celebrate with Dancing!

  • http://pfeifferphotos.blogspot.com Tina Pfeiffer

    The jacket is a must…or you can send it to me and I’ll wear it proudly. I had the Unguarded album on cassette (what’s that?!) and wore it out in the summer of ’86!
    Take good care on the road,
    Tina Pfeiffer
    Pfeiffer Photos



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