Did I mention this tour is all about the music?

Posted on: October 13th, 2008 by Amy Grant 16 Comments

A friend who grew up on my old music asked me if I still had the 501’s and faded sleeveless dark t shirt from the Lead Me On video…
Twenty lbs ago…maybe.
The passage of time is a beautiful thing.
Takes the pressure off the exterior and makes you focus ok what’s inside.
I did find my long-ish black coat.
Took it to have the ripped lining in the sleeve mended…
Still have the black cowboy boots that Rich Frankel, my friend from the A&M record days, had made for me.
At least my feet are still the same size.
All of this nonsense to say…
It’s all about the music.
Can’t wait.

  • abode

    Amy, what a kick about the T shirt. I’m assuming it’s the one from the LMO video? I have always thought you look great in sleeveless. I can definitely relate to the 20 lbs. And, yes, it’s all about the music. It is fun, though, to enjoy seeing an artist dressed really stylish and fun!

  • Amy

    Speaking of all about the music: I unpacked my Unguarded CD (I’m moving soon)to let the kids listen and know some of the songs that may be sung at the concert. Talk about a walk down memory lane- It was like I was listening to it for the first time, again, and flooded with memories of the 6th gr. all at the same time. Now at 34, those songs have such deeper meaning to me than when I was innocently listening to “my Amy.” Wow!
    Bless you and I can’t wait until the 28th!

  • Karyn

    I remember one magical night about 20 years ago. That night there was a full silver orb of a moon punctuating the inky black sky. Underneath our seats you could feel the vibrations of thousands of people waiting for you to begin. I held my breath. Which was rewarded in turn by the beginning strains of El-Shaddai. And we were all taken someplace else… I remember that night and have been changed because of it. I am so looking forward to seeing you in Irvine. It’s been a long time. I can’t wait to be taken somewhere again, under the power of those songs…

  • http://www.vanessachristine.blogspot.com Michelle Burrill

    SO funny. Of course it’s all about the music. What a gift you have been given, and what a gift that you have shared it with all of us all of these years. What a gift to be able to touch lives in such a way.
    The thing with art is that it’s so real and raw, and there will always be those who don’t understand or do understand but aren’t willing to go there, so they criticize it, and when that happens, it is so personal, because relevant art comes from the real, deepest places of a person. It’s not easy to have that all on display.
    So what I mean to say is Thank you, Amy, because I am sure that sometimes it’s hard to be so visible. I admire you for it.

  • Dot Stoll

    Not to disagree with ya, but it’s REALLY all about our Lord, which is where your gift came from, right? Your music is the channel He uses to show us HE IS ALIVE!! Thanks for being His instrument!

  • Dot Stoll

    It’s amazing to me how as a society we have become so fixated on the outward appearance. I’ve been to five of your concerts and I don’t remember at ALL what you were wearing. Sorry, don’t remember the leopart print or the black hat. I DO remember your personality, which was down to earth. I remember you said you were singing to your dog(s) when you were younger and your mom said, “I don’t think music is your gift, Am.” THAT cracked me up.
    So……..that being said….. it really doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you’re covered!
    Forgive us, Lord, for being so materialistic!

  • Andrew

    It truly is about the music (and much less about some of those (clearing my throat) stylish clothes from the ‘80’s. But for me, when I discover an old box of clothes and I sort thru them, just like music playing in the background of life, certain clothes trigger a trip down memory lane. Amy, I hope some of the treasure you are finding cause you to stop, pause, and reflect on some of your treasured memories from 20 years ago. I know I recently ran across one of the shirts I wore to one of the shows during the original Lead Me On Tour…the funny thing is, I now wear it as part of my clown costume when I ride my unicycle in parades!!!!!!!

  • Roberta

    It is all about the music…and for that I am grateful…I too remember the magic of the silence, the beautiful intro to El Shaddai, as well as the deafening echo in the body of the song that only can point us to the One who made us…who loves us no matter what…Let’s re-create the magic together…thanks for sharing…It means a lot to me.

  • marcelle costa(BRAZIL)


  • marcelle costa(BRAZIL)

    A vida é bela.

  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    It is all about the music, and I am excited to hear more music from you! The LMO album was amazing 20 years ago and it still is today! Good luck with the tour!!

  • Jessica K.

    I also can’t wait to attend your concert tonight. I always look foward to when you’re in town. It is the music…you’ve been making it practically my whole life…I grew up listening to you as a child way back when you first did El Shaddai. And there isn’t a song that you written or done that doesn’t describe how i’m feeling at the time and if i’m down or lost i can always find a song of yours that lifts me up and reminds me of God’s love. I have always walked away from your concerts with just a happy and refreshed feeling. So thank you Amy for the music and for all that you do! ;o) I know you hear it all the time but I can’t help adding to it.

  • David Schenck

    You wore Red Leather Pants in Phoenix on the LOM tour. Michael was teasing you about them.
    You looked great onight and sounded great too!
    Blessings to you all!

  • Amy

    My Mom used to play “Straight Ahead” as loud as our station wagon stereo could possibly handle. I had every word memorized. Christmas wasn’t Christmas until I heard Tennessee Christmas play…something about that song, it brings back so many amazing memories from my childhood. It is still the first song I play every year. My parents brought me to my first Amy Grant concert when I was in 6th grade (Ungaurded). It was something I will always remember. I have been to every local concert since then. I got out LMO and some other CD’s as I look forward to the Washington concert on 10/28. This time I am bringing my Mom. An now, I find myself playing your music as loud as my kids will let me when we are in the car! They love it as much as I did…another generation!

  • carri

    You have made an awesome impact on my life. I have gone through a divorce and your music had always been my inspiration to keep going.

  • Ge-Anne

    It’s funny how things DO change. I started listening to your music at age 11, because Sandi Patti’s stuff was too high and your range and mine matched. As I went through my teen years, you were about 10 years ahead of me in every major event. My divorce after 11 years of marriage almost devastated me, but I listened to you talk about the hardships you had faced and the rigorous honesty that you’ve always shown. You taught me that God still loves us even when we screw up, make mistakes, doubt, or just are stubborn.
    In May at the ripe old age of 37, I gave birth to my daughter and thought of you and Vince and your daughter’s birth. I am so glad that I was able to come back to my faith. Older, wiser, and with a “friend” who walked ahead and shared some wisdom along the way.
    God bless you and your family…



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