Michael W. Smith tribute concert…

Posted on: October 12th, 2008 by Jennifer 5 Comments

Amy is flying home from Augusta, GA this afternoon and going straight to the Schermerhorn to take part in a tribute concert to MWS. It should be a great night of music as many of Smitty’s friends gather to honor his music and his heart for people. Maybe I will see some of the Nashville FOA’ers there?

  • Walter

    Hi Jen,
    Look for me there. I am with my friend Ben from Malaysia and we are sitting Orchestra Left Row BB. I am sure you will be also at the reception. Michael W. Smith as you know has made a huge impact with his music and is an all around great guy. He and his family used to rent videos from the store I worked at when I was in college. He definitely lives the life of a good christian.
    Glad Amy can make it back to his tribute. Be wonderful to see you again as well.

  • Andrew

    Walter and Ben-
    Wow, enjoy the evening!!!!
    As always….Pictures…Pictures…Pictures (please)!!!!!

  • abode

    Just as I can’t imagine a night of tribute to Amy without Michael, I can’t imagine a night of tribute to Michael without Amy. I am so glad she is able to go. This little Californian won’t be there, but I will anxiously await details!
    Jen, I hope you never tire of giving us these wonderful tidbits and insight. I can’t begin to tell you how great they are.

  • Walter

    Everyone–I posted a brief review under the main boards (Concerts) regarding a great evening of music, worship and reflection on a wonderful man…Michael W. Smith. Jennifer, it was a pleasure seeing you again. Ben wanted to know who the pretty lady was (you) and I told him you were the glue that kept it all together for Amy and her hectic schedule.

  • Renie

    Hey Jen, I didn’t see you there. I was in the Choir last night. Don’t know if you were able to catch my solo on the first song “Shine On Us.” It was a fabulous night. Lot’s of hard work. Blessings on the tour.



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