4 days away

Posted on: October 11th, 2008 by admin 3 Comments

Hey guys, we are on the road headed to Augusta, GA for a benefit event for the YMCA.  This is the last stop before we start the Lead Me On Tour on Wednesday.  Don't have much to say but keep us in your prayers as we all leave our families for our road family and put a lot of miles on the bus in the next 5 weeks. 


  • http://www.afoodieslife.com Ron

    Best of luck to you all! Your in my thoughts and prayers for a safe journey. Thanks for keeping us up to date with this blog. It’s nice to feel so connected especially since some of us will unfortunatley miss the tour!
    Be Safe.

  • http://www.rejuvinatecenter.com Geoge at Rejuvinate Massage Therapy Center

    Hi Justin I know being on the road is rough and I want to make it better for you guys I know you are coming to Visalia Ca, and i want to offer Amy a FREE Massage at my center. I am not going to give her a massage but I will have a female therapist give her a 1 hr massage. you can call me or email me so we can do this,the number is on the website or (559)736-2131 we might even be able to go to the hotel room or tour bus to do this for you please let me know. Thank You
    George Landeros
    Operations Manager
    Rejuvinate Massage Therapy Center

  • http://slurpinglife.typepad.com/ melody is slurping life

    We loved you in Augusta! Thanks to Amy and you guys for working us in and raising money for our kids.
    Blessings on the tour.



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