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Posted on: October 9th, 2008 by Amy Grant 37 Comments

Through all of our phases and stages
Growth spurts and stagnation…
God is faithful. There are no mistakes in His book.
He uses everything for His ultimate good. …sickness…divorce …failure…time.
He is good.
I’m glad we belong to Him.

  • Merrie

    Thanks for the warm thought at the end of the day.

  • jesse

    I’ve listened to your music my entire life…my mother heard you sing as a teenager, before I was even thought of. Like the faithfulness of our Father, your music has accompanied my life through its up and downs.
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time you give your listeners. What an amazing gift for you to share your thoughts and wisdom with us! I’ve bookmarked this page and am looking forward to more posts. :)
    Peace and grace, tonight and always.

  • Michelle Burrill

    Thanks for that, Amy. I’m right with you on that, and feeling very encouraged right now. So glad!

  • sonshinec

    Hi Amy,
    There’s a lot of truth and wisdom in what you wrote. It reminds me of a poem by Corrie Ten Boom…
    “My life is but a weaving, between my God and me
    I do not choose the colours, He worketh steadily.
    Offtimes he weaves sorrow, and I in foolish pride,
    Forget He sees the upper, and I the underside.
    Not till the loom is silent and shuttles cease to fly
    Will God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why.
    The dark threads are as needful in the skilful weaver’s hand
    As the threads of gold and silver in the pattern He has planned.”
    I’m looking forward to your Branson show.

  • rocklin1

    I agree with you Amy i am been blessed with a wonderful sons and wonderful husband life is wonderful faith of god is good everything that life is so wonderful and Amy your music is great i pass my music on to my sons when they get older i been playing your and Vince’s music for them they love it God bless you and Vince and the family

  • Esther Rasmussen

    That’s so true. Even though the world can make us feel like we’ve failed God is always there always ready to catch us when we fall. All we have to do is to lean in to him until we feel able to move on to the next stage in our lives.

  • Viktoria

    Amy has helped me though the past years in every situation. But when we lost our second child, we have been waiting for a long time, I didn’t feel God’s love or care. I felt loneliness, deep sadness and no hope. And it’s still the same. Noone ever will explain it to me.

  • Amelia

    So true Amy!! Thanks for that reminder as I start my day! He does use EVERYTHING for His good..what an encouragement!

  • Rachel (WI)

    Amy, that was just what i needed on this cloudy and not so good day. thank you very much.

  • a

    Amy, we are glad God put YOU on this earth, to remind us of Him.

  • Chris (Charlotte, NC)

    Amen, sister. ‘Nuf said. :-)

  • Janice

    So true! Especially in these uncertain times. God is the only one we can count on.

  • Shelly

    Your music is one of many God’s graces! Thank you and Thank Him!
    Have a Blessed day.

  • BG

    Unfortunately, none of the tour dates are anywhere near my region of the country. If anyone can use an original 1988-1989 Lead Me On Tour shirt I purchased at the March 14, 1989 San Antonio, TX show; as well as original concert photos I took at that show in addition to Age to Age era autographs, please visit the electronic bay. Hopefully, someone who is going to one of the reunion tour shows can use these.

  • Amber

    Just a note to say that I wish you were coming closer to my area with this tour! I ‘discovered’ you right in the midst of Heart in Motion, and quickly gobbled up all your older material. Your music was sort of like the soundtrack of my childhood. I missed the first LMO tour, and now I’ll miss this one, but I’m thoroughly enjoying keeping up with the blogs. I’ll be there in spirt, and do what you feel!

  • Nolan

    Two inevitable truths – He is faithful and good. Regardless if we know what He’s doing, or our lack of foresight. Thanks for the reminder Amy. Life is hard…but God is good! That truth needs to be reiterated, now more than ever at this point in history.

  • Glenn Taylor

    This has been so much fun to be able to read and hear your thoughts as you prepare for a tour like this one. Most of us have no idea how an artist gets ready for a tour and it’s been so cool to be able to read your thought processes etc. as you “take another trip down memory lane” –a quote from an old Daniel Amos Record I used to have:).
    “God Heals the Broken Places!” First Call
    “I’m Healing… Starting over at the end and Feeling… Stronger than I ever have I’m…Healing” Michael English & Wynonna
    “Lead Me On!” Amy Grant !

  • Andrew

    Wow…obviously preparing for this tour has literally taken Amy back in time…I am sure it has brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings she had ‘put behind’ her. All I can say is, “Thank you for opening up and allowing yourself to be so vulnerable”. Thru all of the excitement of preparing for this tour, I am sure emotionally at times it has also been difficult.
    I think this tour is going to rekindle something deep down in many of us…what an exciting time. And who would have ever thought 20 years later we would have an opportunity to relive the Lead Me on Tour. We are all so blessed.

  • Belvia

    Speaking of dancing. The last two times I saw you perform I wanted to jump and cheer, but the concert setting was somewhat “formal”. Hope to see you again soon!

  • Lisa P.

    Hey Amy – How about producing a DVD of one of the LMO concerts so we can all enjoy!!! Wish you were visiting the Louisville, Kentucky area. Best of luck with the tour!

  • marcelle costa(Brazil)

    He loves endure forever. No matter the language, nation, color,… Thanks GOD, thanks Amy for the inspiration. Every day I can see His mercy.

  • Emily

    My hears wells up whenever I read anything you have written, Amy – the Lord never fails to use your words, honest and true, to lift me up and to remind me that we are all in this together. Your music has blessed me throughout my entire life. Can’t wait to see you in Wichita!

  • Kim

    Let me start off by saying I had the thrill of a lifetime yesterday by coming to that rehearsal.. It was a great trip down memory lane. I loved every second of it.
    The band was kickin on Wise Up .. I so wanted to get up and dance and act like an idiot.. Wish I would have now.
    YES– you are doing the right thing with this tour and let me tell you ..The people won’t be let down.
    I still am not giving up hope that next year you will bring the tour here to Nashville.
    Thanks again,
    P.S. My son Ronny that you met yesterday wants to know when you “grow up” if you’ll still be a singer? Oh the joys of a child.
    ROCK ON!!!!

  • Kelley Lints

    Hi Amy – I wrote in another section about the effect you and your music have had on my life; I have found myself very angry with God lately for making me go through all of the abuse that I endured as a child. I don’t know how to get past it. I want to trust him like I once did, but I can’t. I am hoping that seeing the concert and hearing alot of your old lyrics will guide me a little more in that direction. What do you do when you are feeling this way? Have you ever felt this way? Just wondering – see you in Modesto – Kelley

  • Kim

    Yes, those are God spoken words sister!
    God is so very faithful. Just wants a willing vessel that’s all. You’re it!
    You have so very much to offer and this tour is something in this time and age…people need. I’ve been listening to you and going to your concerts since I can remember. Oh the memories… fun times. Now my daughter listens with me, Yeah!
    Even though we are older…the message NEVER changes. Go belt it out and Dance sister, have a ball, this is a great time and God is using you.
    May God give all of you safe travel and TONS Of MEMORIES!

  • Lori in NC

    Hi Amy!
    You said it so well..he is so good and always faithful. Through so many life changes for my family, I can look back and see that his timing is perfect. As I sit here tonight and watch my beautiful little Guatemalan princess sleep (she will be 5 on Tuesday), I read your words and am reminded of how blessed I am. My sons who are 22 and 18 are both out of the home, one in college and one a firefighter and in his own home, so this little princess was brought to our family in “his” perfect time. My husbands death in Sept. of 2005 was unexpected and just one year after adding our daughter to our family. She is a daily reminder to me of how even in the midst of sadness and so many life changes my family is so blessed.
    Thank you so much for the many years of music and the concerts have been awesome. I would love for my little girl to get to experience the LMO concert, (I know it will be as great as it was 20 years ago) but her first will probably be the Christmas show in December. She will love that since we have already been enjoying the new Christmas album that we received this week.
    Lori (& Abigail)

  • Amy


  • michelle

    No mistakes? really?
    I really needed that reminder tonight.
    sometimes it seems like it just keeps getting harder…
    man, i wish you were going to do the LMO show in nashville!!! reba and i are going to try to come to greenville….
    thanks again for the reminder- pray for me please that i will remember it

  • Jangle

    I’m praying that God does more deep, meaningful healing for you, the band and your audiences.
    Looking forward to the new and old experience!

  • Lisa


  • Leslie

    God is so faithful and good to us. Even when we are unfaithful to Him, HE is still faithful and steadfast in His love for us.
    He has used you and your music to minister to me so many times throughout these years. He has communicated through your music and your heart so many times. Lead Me On is one of my absolute favorite albums. That just dated me :). I thank you for your willingness to share your heart and parts of your life with us. I rejoice in the happiness that you and Vince share. Indeed, God is so good. Just wanted to tell you I love ya’ and thanks for everything you do!

  • Donna Long

    Hi Amy,
    Wanted to drop a note to tell you a story.
    I was a working musician for many years playing the bar and lounge circuit. I was on an emotional roller coaster during my career and feeling very depressed and lost at one point…wondering where the heck I was going.
    I wandered into a little Christian bookstore in Tulsa Ok. I happened to notice your picture on an album cassette and though I’d never heard you sing, something about your picture moved me to buy the tape. As I listened to it, I realized it was no accident your songs came into my life. I played your music for many years for many people. During those years, I’ve seen first hand how very hungry people are for the love in your songs. Your songs are so beautiful and inspirational.
    The crowds I played for weren’t church members…in fact the farthest from it, but they were truely the most in need of your words to touch their hearts.
    Though I’ve been retired from the music business for many years and really don’t play often and never publicly anymore…still sometimes in the wee hours, I tune up my old guitar, turn down the lights play your beautiful songs again, just for God and me.
    Thank you so much for your gift to all of us.

  • bren minney

    Hi Amy, just wanted to say we were at the show at Augusta, GA my home town and you weere awesome as always, I have listened to you your entire career and have all your music, your music makes me happy when I listen to it. Me and my daughter “Sarah” had a great time! I know it got hot there for a bit but all in all the day was awesome!

  • VickyLynn

    I’m late in browsing these threads and thoughts of yours. I particularly needed tonight, what you said here. I’m going through the worse time in my life. I’m having to divorce a man I really love and it feels like it is destroying me inside. He is dangerous and tried to kill me. I had to leave my job, my home, my husband and flee across the United States for my life. Thank you so much for your thoughts…you once again have touched my life just at the right and needed time. Thank you.

  • me

    I just read what you wrote about God using things for His ultimate good. I’m sitting here with tears running down my face and trying not to burst into tears because I lost my job on Friday. I barely lasted a month.
    I’m so embarrased. I don’t know how to tell my family. I’m going to pretend to go to work tomorrow.

  • Jodi Tuffy

    Hi Amy,
    I have never posted before but have been a fan of yours for years and years (TN Christmas hooked me). The thing is, I am recently separated from my husband of 13 years. I am 40, have 3 girls ages 10, 7 and 2. I don’t know if discussed this much but I would welcome advice on how you helped your children cope with your divorce. My 10-year-old just can’t seem to adjust. She is torn apart which of course is killing us. My husband and I are good friends, committed to our children. He lives 20 minutes away. Oh and I have a passionate personal relationship with Jesus. He has carried me this far.
    Any advice for me on how to help her?
    With love, Jodi

  • Joao Messias

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    Thanks and god bless us!!!!



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