She Colors My Day….

Posted on: October 7th, 2008 by Jennifer 16 Comments

The $.99 challenge is still on….

We got our first glimpse at sales this week and although we are getting a tremendous amount of hits on the song, most people are not following through and purchasing the song…. in spite of telling us how much they LOVE the song….

Remember, this is for a good cause so please help us out   :)

Click here…. She Colors My Day

  • Nolan Brooks

    Hi Jennifer,
    Question – have you been experiencing order/shipping problems with Bandfarm recently? I ordered Amy’s christmas collection cd – it was shipped out Oct 1 and arrived this past Monday. The thing is that the package arrived empty…well, the shipping invoice was in the box, but no cd. Just curious if they had problems with the orders thus far?

  • Jennifer

    Nolan – I think that must have been a simple mistake. I haven’t had any other similar complaints. Sorry for the inconvenience…

  • Nolan

    No worries! I left them a message, hoping to rectify the problem. Thanks for getting back to me! I’m sure you’ve gots tons of other way more important things to attend to then my little blog question ;-p Blessings.

  • BarryG

    Hi Jen… Speaking of things to purchase, can you whet our appetite on what might be available at the Lead Me On Tour stops? I’m really hoping there’s a tour book…
    that would be incredible. ~Barry

  • Bonnie

    I bought the song!

  • S W McQuain

    After ransacking the house for the past 2 days for my credit card (I know where I keep it I just couldn’t find the key to the lock box), I purchased the song. Thanks for the info Jennifer.

  • Teresa

    Just bought the song. I am going to put in a video montage of photos for my 15 month old daughter…it’s too perfect! Thanks for doing offering this.

  • Janice

    I had little trouble purchasing the song and now I can’t download it to iTunes.

  • Glenn Taylor

    I’ve tried purchasing the song 4 times. I check the box and then it says “proceed to checkout” but there is no way to proceed to checkout. I do like the song and I’ve been trying my best to purchase it, but at this point it’s been impossible. Can we fix the problem?

  • Andrew Stevens

    Hi I’m over in England and have been trying to buy the song “she colors my day” but it won’t accept my credit card. Any ideas why?…
    p.s. I love the song!!!

  • Jen Norton

    I had a similar experience with Bandfarm…ordered 2 cds, got a box with only one and the shipping form saying I’d ordered 2, with the “2” circled! A phone message went nowhere, but I got a nice response from an email to their customer service dept saying they’d send the cd right away. Sounds like they’ve got a new hire in the fulfullment area!
    Also, same trouble as others in downloading the song. Nowhere to click “checkout”, as it asks. It’s probably somewhere on this site, but not obvious. I’m betting that’s why you’re not seeing sales.

  • Kate

    Any chance they will be accepting Paypal? I want to buy the song, but hesitate to provide credit card number to Bandbox since I’m not familar with them.

  • Kate

    I was able to at least get to the screen where song can be purchased with a credit card, but have to say I am concerned that I don’t see what should be a secure page (https:). It says “secure”, but if so, why no https?

  • Teena

    I just bought my song! Love it! Thanks for what you are doing!

  • Kristofer

    Finally downloaded the song. Really like the production style…

  • Volker

    I’d like to download the song, but for some reason bandbox won’t let me type an ‘@’ sign into the line where it says email address.



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