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Posted on: October 7th, 2008 by Amy Grant 22 Comments

We’re in the last week of rehearsals now.
All of the glitches are getting smoothed out.
Can I just say that life is crazy….and there are too many things to do…and I am so glad that in the midst of the chaos, all of my old friends decided to do this reunion tour.
This week is dedicated to running the set list straight through….over and over and over.
Never did find that old flat brimmed black hat.
Oh well.

  • daisymae

    I’ve been listening to your music all day—most all of them–even Christmas! My heart has been encouraged and lifted up! May the Lord fill you up that you may be overflowing and spill out as a fragrant aroma to Him. Enjoy as you give!

  • Debbie

    Loved that hat! :) But I know it is going to be a great concert. I can’t wait until you are here in CT. It will be a breath of life in the midst of so much turmoil these days. Thank you for sharing the joy and music that is your gift. And God bless . . .

  • http://sleeplessmornings.blogspot.com/ Merrie

    The hard work will definitely pay off. And as a concert goer, it’s nice to hear about the work that goes into getting the show ready. It will only make me appreciate it all the more.
    ‘See you’ in a few weeks.

  • BarryG

    Hi Amy… Even though you haven’t found your black hat (yet), perhaps you’ll still consider letting your hair go curly again for the tour. I’m looking forward to seeing you move around again onstage without a guitar. The power of the music and your words on the Lead Me On Tour was so spiritually significant to me in 1988. It mirrored the incredible vitality my friends and I were experiencing in our relationship with Jesus. Lead On! I’ll see you in Greeneville…

  • Janice

    Just a little over a week until we see you in Phoenix! Glad things are going smoothly in rehearsals.
    See you soon!

  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    Sounds exciting!!! I wish you were doing the LMO tour in Charlotte…maybe you should just post some clips online! :-) Good luck finishing up rehearsals, and maybe, just maybe the hat will turn up!! :)

  • http://www.vanessachristine.blogspot.com Michelle Burrill

    I have to say, that Lead Me On album had some incredible songs on it. “Faithless Heart,” “If These Walls Could Speak,” “Lead Me On…” Do you know, I spent hours and days analyzing all of the lyrics, trying to figure them out…I was 12, mind you, and I really wanted to know what you were saying. When I figured “Lead Me On” out, I was floored, just blown away by the power of what you were singing about.
    Now that I am 32, these and more songs are so much richer and deeper and TRUER then ever…I love them so, so much.
    (One I particularly remember pondering over: “My heart is not a box with a lock in a Five and Dime store.” I didn’t quite understand that one, but I wanted to, SO SO MUCH! :-))

  • melanie

    You don’t ned your black hat to work your magic- just your smile and compassion that led you to write and perform your songs in the first place. Can’t wait to see you in the Seatle area!!

  • Parkway_Mom

    I second the vote for a LMO tour in Charlotte! :)

  • cindy

    The first thing that popped into my head when you said that you never did find that hat was wouldn’t it be funny if people in the audience came wearing black hats like that to some of your concerts. Sort of like when Brad Paisley’s alcohol song came out and people came wearing lampshades on their heads to some of his!! Gotta admit, it would definitely make you smile!! I agree life is crazy. I turn 50 on Sunday and I have 6 kids (the youngest is 7!). Can I just say that I can’t wait to see you in Hershey!! I appreciate you and your work so very much. Good luck with your last week going smoothly!

  • Teresa

    I second what Merrie said! Please bring back the curls and maybe even the highlights! It would look so beautiful on you. Wear it up in a barrette like you used to too! Miss that look, it was your signature for so long and I think it would be awesome to see you in that again!!! Oh, by the way, I have one of those hats from that era that you can borrow. Ha!

  • Teresa

    I second what Merrie said! Please bring back the curls and maybe even the highlights! It would look so beautiful on you. Wear it up in a barrette like you used to too! Miss that look, it was your signature for so long and I think it would be awesome to see you in that again!!! Oh, by the way, I have one of those hats from that era that you can borrow. Ha!

  • Janice

    Amy, if you need someone to pick you up at Sky Harbor, I’d be happy to do it! LOL! We have an extra room too! 😉

  • Charlotte

    I have been listening to your music since 1981. Listening to your music is like being with a long-time friend. The “Lead Me On” album has always been at the top of my list. I am heart-broken that South Carolina (or at least someplace near SC) is not among the stops for the LMO tour. Is there a chance more stops will be added in the future (after Christmas) for this tour?

  • Kate

    I’d also love to see you come to Charlotte!

  • marcelle

    ok, not the hat yet, but the curls would be nice.:)

  • mike buck

    Amy find the hat! No just kidding , I think your best look is you in that white T shirt with a pair of jeans and a cowboy hat sitting on a crate. Anyway look how you want . I am glad that you will be energized for this tour , my hope is that you continue. I miss that in your concerts and afterall you are as young as you feel. my wife and i had 3 children exactly 13 months apart from each other at the age of 37 one of us in medical field working long hours and I Run my own restaurant putting in long hours . I am with ya. Go get em! See you in hershey

  • Jethro

    Hi Amy,
    You are indeed a stunning person. I thank you for your good works.

  • Joe

    Amy, thank you so much for being a light in my world and sending a message of encouragement. I’ve been a fan since you started and I used to think of you like the coolest youth group minister in the world. When I listen to your music, I feel like I’m talking with a dear old friend. Thank you for coming back into my life every time that I need a boost. I wish you energy and God’s loving hand to help you in your tour. Can’t wait to see you in Baltimore at Christmas!

  • Susie Mitchell

    I am SO excited that you’re opening your tour here in Phoenix! I grew up in KC listening to your music. I can remember as a 12 year old little girl singing “Brand New Start” as I walked to school. The words to that song are as real to me today as they were back then. Tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating my 43rd birthday. Oh, how the years go by! Amy, your music has been such an inspiration to me over the years and through all the different stages of my life. Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us all. What makes this concert even more memorable is that my sister from KC is flying out and we’re going to the concert TOGETHER-the first time in over 20 years! It’s going to be an unforgettable night! I hope MWS makes an appearance also. His “Big Picture” tour was the first official date I had with my husband here in Phoenix back in ’86. The “Lead Me On” album reminds us of our early years of marriage. This concert will definitely bring back memories! I know you’ve already rehearsed your set, but if you’re still taking requests, here are a few of my old favorites:
    Brand New Start
    Heirlooms (if you’re doing Christmas stuff)
    Arms of Love
    All I Ever Have To Be
    Doubly Good To You (for my husband)
    Find A Way
    Stay For Awhile (for my sister)
    Saved By Love
    Say Once More
    Thank you, Amy, for 30 years of memories and music! We can’t wait to see you on the 16th!
    Love, Susie Mitchell

  • Justin

    Hi Amy :) one week and a day till your in Phoenix!
    I heard you on the radio this morning- they loved you @ the station.
    Will you PLEASE, PLEASE sing Doubly Good To You @ the Phoenix stop- I would LOVE, LOVE to hear that live.
    So Excited-

  • Patricia Sautner

    Dear Amy,
    When was I was nineteen, a stranger came into my house at four AM and brutally beat me up and raped me. It was the worst five minutes in my life. I had just met the Lord a month before this incident. Listening to your music at that time and many years after, and of course praying, helped me not only find peace but had empowered me to minister to rape victims. I know now that it happened to me, because God is not a sadist, but He allowed me to go through this so I could be empathetic and minister to others who have had a similar experience. Your songs are a gift to me, from God. Thank you.
    Love in Jesus,



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