$.99 Challenge

Posted on: October 3rd, 2008 by Jennifer 15 Comments

Okay — here it is:


I challenge every single person who reads this blog to stop whatever else they are doing and buy the "She Colors My Day" song for $.99.  ALL (and I mean every last penny!) proceeds go to an incredible charity – the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Women Cancer Fund.

Certainly we have all known someone who has been affected by cancer.  We all want to find a cure.  Downloading this song will not solve the problem, but every penny helps.  So I am asking for 99 of yours.  TODAY.  Come on…

Even if the song is not your cup of tea, it is for a very worthy cause and it is important to Amy.  Besides that, it is cheaper than a cup of tea so what do you have to lose?  :)

Game on????  Just do it.  NOW….   :)


Click here to listen to and buy!

  • abode

    Jennifer, it is so inspiring to see you and Amy encouraging us to contribute to the Philosophy single…esp with Amy’s new CD out. This is why I have followed Amy for 30 years. I think she and those she surrounds herself with are incredible with very beautiful hearts.
    Do you have a quick link you can post with your blog? Makes it easier than searching for it on the site. Thanks! Amy

  • http://sleeplessmornings.blogspot.com/ Merrie

    I don’t suppose it’ll be on iTunes, will it? If not, I promise to download this at home tonight. I like the preview very much!

  • Lori

    Hmmm….just tried to buy the song and it denied both of my credit cards. Has anyone else had this problem?

  • Lori

    Got it to work a few hours after I registered. Must just take awhile for it to kick in.

  • AJ

    I just bought the song and I love it! The music is awesome and Amy sounds great. Great job Amy!

  • AJ

    I just bought the song and I love it! The music is awesome and Amy sounds great. Great job Amy!

  • Stephen Salter

    This song is amazing. Amy sounds great. This is how all parents should feel about their children. The preview doesn’t do it justice. Thanks!

  • Gail

    Any chance Amy will perform She Colors My Day on the LMO tour?
    Would love to hear this one live….for all the best friends attending this tour.

  • Cathy in MN

    Got it – Love it! Also emailed the link to friends. Can’t wait for the LMO tour, too!

  • Chris (Charlotte, NC)

    Got it. This one is beyond infectious. What a hook! Any chance this is going to be worked at radio at all? Just wondering if I should be contacting a few local stations….

  • Jennifer

    Glad so many of you like the song! Please know that we are NOT working this song to radio. The whole purpose of recording the song was to raise money for cancer awareness and research. The song is not associated with any record label or specific album project. It is simply a philanthropic partnership between philosophy and Amy. Please continue to pass the word…

  • Kristofer

    One small piece of constructive criticism: with the new “She Colors My Day” front page to the website, it’s very very hard to find the little link at the bottom to continue to the amygrant.com website. You may want to consider moving that link/making it larger on the next update of the website. Just a thought…
    LOVING the blogs though. I’m so excited to hear about the behind-the-scenes action. Thank you for taking the time and effort to keep us in the loop.

  • Connie

    Jen —
    When is the FOA website going to be up and running? I’ve been trying to get a membership so I can attend the Soundcheck at the LMO concert on Oct 25th. My sister (who has been a member since the beginning) already has her confirmation and I’m not letting her go without me! :-)

  • Lori W, Nashville, TN

    I would LOVE to buy the song and hear it in it’s entirity, but I currently don’t have a computer at home to do so! As soon as I am able to get a new laptop (mine crashed two weeks ago, and I’m going through withdrawls) I will buy up all new things “Amy”…I have a ‘wishlist’ going…believe me!

  • Maureen Hinds

    I just tried both links to ‘click and buy’ and they took me to the opening page with all the concert dates and the little promo video – couldn’t see where to buy the song.
    I tried though!!



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