rehearsals….. Finally!

Posted on: September 30th, 2008 by Jennifer 6 Comments

This band is rocking!!!!!! First song I heard was “Wait For The Healing” and it was as if the hands of time had instantly reversed themselves…..

  • Michelle

    I’m not sure where to post this – there is
    no matching topic in your blog. Could you please give us an update on the status of the new Christmas CD? Today is the release date, but it’s not in stores, at least not
    in my area. Did it release on time or has it been delayed? Was it only released in certain areas? Is it only being made available for sale on retailers’ websites?

  • Sara

    Hey Jen!! We were wondering if you had heard that the new Christmas CD has been a bit hard to find in stores?
    and do you have any info about the song “She Colors My Day” as apart of Philosophys Oct promotions????
    Thanks for all that you Do!

  • marcelle costa

    hey jen thanks…:)finally some photo.. a shame i can’t see everybody on this photo, it’s a little far from the stage. waiting for more, here in brazil.

  • Walter

    Hi Jen,
    Keep up the great work on the blogs. It will be like I am 18 again hearing Amy sing those old familiar songs.

  • Firefly

    Hi Jen,
    In keeping with the authenticity of the LMO tour in regard to set list, do you know if Amy is considering playing that medley of classic cartoon/TV theme songs prior to the band hitting the stage that they did on the summer leg of the original tour????
    Fingers crossed… :)

  • Martha

    Just wanted to request Fat Baby for the tour. It is a silly (well, not silly) song that I need to remind myself not to get too comfortable. Can’t wait to see Amy in Greeneville, Tn. When I went to the touring site and she said that little bit about “coming to a town near you”, I said “Yeah, right.” Then, there it was I was so amazed that the tour is coming here. WooHoo!



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