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Posted on: September 29th, 2008 by Jennifer 2 Comments

I’m headed down to rehearsal for the first time today to hear the band and take some pictures and videos of all the players.  I can’t wait to see everybody and hear this band belt out some of the songs that I haven’t heard in years.  Some of the members – Ken Rarick, Warren Ham, and Greg Morrow – haven’t played with Amy in the 18+ years I’ve been working with her so I have yet to even meet them in person.  But all of that is about to change….  I’m excited.

Speaking of the tour, we are going to be posting an E-card (widget) of Amy talking about how special this tour is for her and we would love for you to pass it around to all of your friends, especially those of you who live near tour markets.  We still have tickets to sell and in this economy every little bit of grassroots marketing helps.

More to come….


  • marcelle costa

    waiting for the photos:)

  • lpvmusic

    Can you send me the E-card in HTML code/format? I would like to post it on my myspace page and send/share it with all my friends!
    All the best,



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