15 songs down

Posted on: September 29th, 2008 by Amy Grant 48 Comments

5 to go…
Then to work on the list that I do by myself…
M W S came by rehearsals today.
Great to see him.
He’s doing dates with Steven Curtis Chapman this fall.
Asked him to try to make one of the shows for old times sake.
We’ll see.
Just to clarify…
We are choosing to do songs from 1988 or earlier…
And brand new, unrecorded material …
The thought being that we look back in order to look ahead.
Sweet. Dreams.

  • Ryan D.

    That is great to hear Amy! Course I was 5 in 1988 but I am well learned in the pre “Heart In Motion” music and remember it from church. I am so excited to see this tour! Been wanting to hear older stuff. Friends and I were debating whether or not we would hear any newer things since you have 20 years of material since 1988. Just like Whitney Houston can’t go anywhere without singing “I Will Always Love You,” there are definate Amy songs. However, I would be 100% content to hear nothing but oldies and new songs. :) God Bless.

  • http://www.geocities.com/amygrantfan John

    I hope Amy does more than 20 songs at each show and that the setlist is at least slightly different at each show.
    MWS PLEASE COME! (And play Sing Your Praise to the Lord!!!!!)

  • Robert

    Here are my song requests that aren’t already on the Lead Me On tour…
    Love of Another Kind
    Love Can Do
    It’s Not A Song
    El Shaddai
    Walking Away With You
    Grape, Grape Joy (just for fun!)

  • Brevard

    So EXCITED!!!!!! I just cleared next Sunday and got 5 tickets to the Augusta show. We’ll make sure to get a full tank of gas before we head out and attend the World’s Largest Picnic AND hear wonderful songs from 20 years ago!!!!!! I am soooo excited and can hardly wait! Flashback to college tunes that shaped my life!!

  • Thom

    Amy: Not sure if you read the comments, but I am wondering if you will consider continuing the Lead Me On Tour after the holidays? I see no dates around the Charlotte area. Though you will be here for the Christmas show, can’t wait! My wife and I would love to hear you perform all those old great songs again. Just a thought.

  • AJ

    I hope you’d perform in the Philippines again. The House of Love Tour was decades ago! You still have a lotta fans here…

  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    Hello Amy..glad to hear that things are coming together..I wish the tour was going to be near me because I am sure the songs will be great!! I am twenty-three, but your songs from the 80s are to this day my favorite! My mom always sang them to me and they just kind of stuck and lately I listen to nothing else. Your songs and lyrics have always touched me in ways no other music has done and because of that your music will always be my favorite! Thanks for using your gift God has given you to reach others. I know it has definitely been a blessing to me so thanks! By the way, I am currently listening to the new Christmas album, and “I Need a Silent Night” is AMAZING!!! :-)

  • Firefly

    Hey Amy,
    So in keeping with the nostalgia theme, does that mean you guys will be playing that medley of classic cartoon/TV theme songs before the band takes the stage?!?!? (hint, hint) :)

  • JA

    Oh wow. The songs I grew up on!!! I’m sooo excited…
    Now could you twist MWS’s arm into coming to Morgan Hill, CA with you? 😉
    Either way, I’m grateful to be able to attend and see/hear YOU and the band. It’ll be like a walk down memory lane for me. I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels for you.

  • Janice

    Wow, Amy! You have been busy! Only about two and a half weeks until you come to Phoenix! Would love it if MWS could be there! Vince too!

  • Carla

    Amy – Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts in the blog. I love reading the updates on the preparations for the tour. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Carla

  • mary

    hi amy. i am glad i happened upon your blog. i will be back. so excited about the christmas album. to me and my mom, christmas is not christmas without your music. :)

  • http://www.nortonstudio.com Jen Norton

    Amy, I’ll be at the Morgan Hill concert and it would be fun to hear “Everywhere I Go” because I remember thinking that was just the coolest song back in college. If you play new things, I’m curious to hear “Lies”…someone posted the lyrics once, but I don’t know if you have recorded it. I’ve had so many women in my life, including 2 sisters, who have suffered from eating disorders and other addictions and I just learned I have a niece following the same path, and I just can’t take it any more! Those lyrics have special meaning for me because I wish I could make all young girls see through the lies they are believing about themselves. In any case, can’t wait for the concert and if you blow out your voice in rehearsal, rest assured I’d be happy just to hear you talk. :-)
    Jen (mysterious fan who gave you artwork in Hollywood)

  • Jackie

    Amy, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this tour! Lead Me On was the first concert I went to when I was 11, and these songs have been favorites through the years, and have really helped me through some bumpy roads. Thank you! We are making the trip from Omaha to Wichita and can’t wait to rock out with you! I’d love to hear All Right, Say Once More, and Wise Up! Getting so pumped for the show as I read your blog! Thanks again for sharing with us… Jackie

  • Brevard

    OK —- I am going to cry a river now — I just realized that the Augusta, GA show is not a LMO stop (kept wondering why everyone was referring to Phoenix). I am sooo bummed. Amy, it also looks like you’ll be in Nashville that night for MWS — any information on the Augusta concert? Jen ?????

  • Criselda

    I graduated in 88 and that is when you all 3 impacted my adulthood in a positive way. You guys are Pioneers of Christian Contempoary Music and that is when it all exploded for the Kingdom durung that generation. I think another Music revival is due.

  • Roberta

    So glad you are blogging…so glad you are touring..so glad you are who you are..Thanks for giving all of your life to us…being so transparent…being so vulnerable. Your music has been right there next to my heart for the last 30 years…I pray that God grants you health and safety (and a whole lotta fun!) on the upcoming tour.

  • Mary Guidotti

    WoW!! I am so excited! Can’t wait to hear you!!

  • Kevin Berry

    I have been a fan since Unguarded, which came out when I was in college. I saw your show twice on the Lead Me On Tour in the D.C. area. My son and I saw you and Vince on the Christmas tour in Rochester when your youngest daughter was about 2. Now I have 2 sons, both of whom I adopted, and we will all see you at the Phoenix show. (I’ve moved a few times.) I’m so excited it’s the opening of the tour! We all love your music. It truly has been timeless, especially the Lead Me On album. So many of your songs are part of the soundtrack of our family growing together!

  • http://www.vanessachristine.blogspot.com Michelle Burrill

    Yeah, I agree, that sounds awesome! I also grew up on those songs. How cool would it be to see you and MWS together! :-)
    Someone above made a list of songs he wants you to do…I’ll add “Fat Baby,” and “My Father’s Eyes” to that list! But I know you don’t need help choosing!

  • Aaron Wallace

    As long as people are putting in requests here, I’ll repeat mine: “Old Man’s Rubble”! (At least for the Greeneville, TN show!) 😀

  • Barry

    I still have the photos I took as an Air Force photojournalist at the March 1989 San Antonio, TX Lead Me On show. I turned a few over to Jerry McPherson’s mother-in-law (a friend of my mom’s) before the House of Love concert in Tampa hoping to complement the photos with an autograph or two. The artists must have been so impressed that I never saw the photos again. I was flattered.
    1988 and 1989 were momentous years for me and the ambience of Lead Me On captivated my attention for quite some time. Lyrically poignant and musically evocative. I’d appreciated Amy’s releases since I was a kid in 1980 (she gave me her TAB cola can backstage in 1981 when the band consisted of Amy and some guy on acoustic guitar). Has there ever been an artist whose work affected you because it spoke about experiences you were living through? Or, perhaps, it possessed an indelible quality because it was something you shared with someone you loved profoundly. Amy and Michael were those artists during my formative years. When I listen today to songs that were released during that time, I can recall the emotions and remember those who meant the most to me. Certainly, Amy has never known and presumably never will, how those songs impacted this kid with his new faith, this kid experiencing love for the first time. That those songs were providing part of the soundtrack to my life. Lead Me On proved to be the end of an era in Christian music and for me personally as I neared the completion of the first quarter century of my life.
    Twenty years later I’m a retired Florida Army National Guard officer whose career is now at a VA hospital. I picked up the 20th Anniversary Edition and still appreciate the work and the memories. I’m stoked to learn that Jerry McPherson is on the project again. The only thing that would enhance the experience is Michael joining the tour sporting his mullet once again.
    I’d appreciate revisiting the songs in a concert experience. If it is at all possible for you to visit the Tampa, Florida region, I’m certain many others would also appreciate the opportunity to revisit them as well.
    Who knows? I might finally get those photographs signed. That would be sweet.
    God bless(es) you all

  • http://www.myspace.com/gfoa Ryan

    Hi Amy!
    I know this is unrelated to your current Lead Me On Tour but I wanted to say I think you should do a music video for your song “I need a silent night.” This is a Christmas hit and I hope it can be pushed to radio as a single. Congratulations on a fantastic new album and I can’t wait to see you on Tour this year!!
    God Bless,

  • Cathy Day

    don’t know if I am going to correct place to write this….hoping that you get it in time…
    do you remembr doing a concert in Atlanta at Chastain Park ….We came with Patrice ( connection from Furman/World Children Center Gala ) we brought our friend Lisa Biggers who met you back stage and you took the time to pray for her …she had/ has cancer. then you dedicated your first song to her. Lisa has never forgotten that moment…this week she moved into Hospice….( Hospice Atlanta) there is a webpage for staying connected to her during this time (caringbridge.org)…on the introductory page it she talks about being with you that night….thank you for being you and for stopping in the midst of all that you do to lift up someone to our Heavenly Father’s care…..it gave her hope to finish the race well.
    I am going to see her tomorrow and though she is on oxygen…I know there will be a smile on her face when i tell her I emailed you.
    In Him Cathy Day

  • Vicki Welsh

    I know you are extremely busy, but wanted to ask…”why no tour dates for canada?” I am probably one of your hugest fans and would give anything to see you in concert, i think the last time I saw you in concert was early 90’s in Calgary Alberta Canada
    sending love your way

  • Cheryl ( long time fan)

    Hi Amy
    Good luck with the new tour. Sadly I am not any where that I actually and see it but ” Lead me On ” is one of my all time faves I wish that I was able to see you . Sadly I moved to the Big Island . Hope everything is great .
    Hope you are stoping in Tacoma on this tour I know I have may friends in that area that would love to see this . I am in the age group when the songs that you are going to sing happend when I was a teenager . My first favorite of yourse was ” Next Time I fall ” but I did not know it was you singing tell many years after .
    Fondly I grew up listing to you and not knowing it .
    Hope the kids are great !

  • teresa carr

    Hi! I am so thrilled to “find” you again! In my twenties I owned every album I could find of yours; I just found your music so moving and, well, it seemed to “talk” a lot for me. I live in Ireland, and there’s not access to a large variety of music (right, and thank god for the net!), so it is only this week that a friend bought me some c.d.’s of yours. I cannot tell you how I am appreciating and enjoying the music! I am really delighted, as well, to see that you are doing work on the cancer front. I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, and while it puts so many things into a different perspective, it can also be painful, particularly being a mother and wife. Cancer rates in Ireland are very high (approx. 1 in 3 women will at, some point in their lives, be diagnosed with cancer), and so it affects many people and families here. So, Thank you for your efforts.
    As it happens, I am at work (Shhhh! :) ) (repeatedly listening to “Stay” [Have I that title correct?] – the memories!), and so I will finish here. Just to say a tremendous THANK YOU, and to express my joy at rediscovering you again!

  • RCH


  • RCH

    WANTING TO BE GRACIOUS… WHY DID YOU LEAVE Chapman? I am with a great girl and thinking of marrying… Once I do, just cannot base it on how things are going with her if they go bad… So, why did you divorce? I mean there is no indication he was gay or beat you, right? So, why should any of us stay with someone once we can upgrade? My answer would be because Jesus says, and frees us to risk believing that, he is more important than our circumstances? Do you not believe that? Doesn’t that free you to repent and go back to Chapman? Hoping for you to reconcile with Chapman.
    My father, who does not understand the cross, has stayed with my mom though she’s abusively mentally ill, but you left even though you talk and sing about Jesus. What about the wife (played by Jennifer Connelly) in A Beautiful Mind? Are you just making a living off gullible religeous people like me, or do you actually believe any of the stuff you are pushing? Sorry, but I can’t listen to your music until you do.

  • http://www.crossyourts.blogspot.com Kelly Hoeckelberg-Young

    I know this has NOTHING to do with any of your recent posts, but I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE ‘She Colors My Day’!!!! Phenomenal song … the tune, the words, your voice … it touches your heart and makes you want to listen to it over and over! Great job!

  • Avia

    Hi Amy,
    My mom took me to my first concert – your LMO tour. Now I’m taking her to this one! Love your music – see you in Spokane!

  • LAshby

    I am counting down the days until the NJ concert in November. I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting you in Glens Falls, and I’m really looking forward to the LMO tour, and the upcoming NY Christmas concerts! Thanks for the glimpses you give us of your world.
    Until then,

  • Marieke

    Dear Amy,
    Great that you are blogging! I was wondering, have you ever been in Holland? I guess not, but it would be so good if you’d come over once! There aren’t so many Amy-fans overhere, but the fans you have, are real fans! I’d sure love it if you’d visit us!
    With lots of blessings from Holland,

  • Teresa

    I must know where Amy’s two new shirts on the site are from. The blue on in the podcst link for christmas blogs,and the one on the tour page where she talks about the gang getting back together… I love them! So beautiful…. where can I find them?

  • Esther Rasmussen

    Just dropping by to so I hope all the concerts go really well. Also was wondering if there is any chance you may tour in the UK anytime. As I haven’t seen you live for a very very long time. Actually if I start thinking about it I start to feel very very old!! God Bless

  • Delilah

    In the early 80’s your tour took you through Little Rock AR. (If I remember right, actually twice) At the time I was a pretty messed up teenager (or early twenties) anyway, your music helped to lead me back to God, and I will forever be indebted to you, because of it. Thank you! oh, and I still remember the story about your widow’s peak. My daughters that it was cool!

  • http://www.demonnin.com Michelle De Monnin

    Hi Amy…
    I have no idea if you ever get the chance to read comments and to be honest I’m not really one to leve them… usually. But, I just wanted to say that I grew up with you. My first concert ever was at the Paramount Theater in Seattle in 1978 (I think it was…) with you and a simple accoustic guitar. I was 10. Haven’t missed a Seattle date with you yet. So here we are, 30 years later and this time I get to share the evening with my 5 year old daughter who knows almost all of the words to El Shadai. I’m looking forward to the evening in a few weeks. Blessings to you…. m.

  • Amy

    I am so looking forward to this concert. I was in the 8th grade when I went to the first LMO concert. Now 20yrs. later, my kids have grown up listening to LMO and other records, and are coming with me this time. It was supposed to be a mother/ daughter event, but my 6 yr. old boy asked if he could go, and I told him- NO potty breaks when Amy is on stage!!!! See you on the 28th!

  • Stacey O’Hara

    I have a picture of you in that awesome
    black hat! :)
    Beautiful then, beautiful now!
    Blessings to you sweet Amy,
    Stacey O

  • adrianne

    AHHHHH – I’m freaking out right now! I just found out about this tour!!! Amy, I grew up on your records (then tapes, cds, etc.) but, being from a small, remote town in the northwest of canada, I have never had a chance to see you in concert. My dear friend Tanya and I met in college and became instant friends appreciating each other’s huge love for your music and all the memories that are wrapped up for us in it. We’ve been dreaming about seeing one of your shows for over a decade and finally it’s happening… and with a concert of your old stuff too!!! It doesn’t get any better! We’re flying/driving from across Canada to make it to your Redmond, WA show and can’t wait!

  • Delilah

    Just wanted to say how much you helped to pull me out of a time of my life when I was messing up royally..You came to Little Rock, AR, and I went to your concert, mainly because someone invited me to go, not that I really wanted to go, but it was all in the plan to turn me around..thank you very much. and I still remember the widow’s peak! Delilah

  • http://sleeplessmornings.blogspot.com/ Merrie

    As long as you’re mentioning it, and requests are being made…
    I’d love to hear “Doubly Good to You” live. That’s another favorite of mine and my daughter’s.
    Thanks — 2 1/2 weeks to go! (For me, anyway.) 😉

  • http://hopesfulfilled.blogspot.com/ Paula

    I did not think I could afford tickets for the Escondido, California show. But, now after reading about it – I have to go! I told my husband that I will just not get my hair cut and weaved this month and that will pay my way :)

  • Dana

    Amy — Please, please, please sing “I Love You” and “Stay for Awhile.” Those are just incredible songs…along with all the rest! Thanks for going on the road again; come to Cleveland next time!

  • patrick flynn

    I wish I could be in the States to see at least one of these shows. Amy please come to South Africa in 2009 when you tour with your next album. I think your presence here is long overdue

  • Faith Dawson

    Please please pleaseee sing Sharayah! At least at the Fort Worth concert… I would just love to see you sing and dance to that!

  • http://www.bettyoverstreet.com Betty Overstreet

    Dear Amy, I have a new song that I would love for you or your manager to listen to. The title is Jesus is my Lighthouse.
    When I emailed it to my sister to listen she replied back with “You need to get this to Amy Grant-this is her kind of song” I said, “How would I get it to Amy Grant” and she said that she is sure you must have a web site.
    She has heard all of my original songs and likes them all but this one grabbed her-first time she ever said ” you got to get this to a recording artist.
    I can send a MP3 file by email.
    Thanks in advance, and may God continue to bless and keep you safe and well to do His work, Betty overstreet

  • Teresa

    Anyone have Amy’s New Christmas CD? I bought it and I like it but Jingle Bells was done a little fast. lol but a GREAT CD Amy.



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