All quiet on the home front

Posted on: September 27th, 2008 by Amy Grant 15 Comments

Thirteen songs rehearsed this week.
That was a good start on the set list.
My voice sounds shot….
But it’s not really.
That’s the only way to build up that shout singing kind of stamina. push it to the brink of losing it and then rest. And then push it to that point again and rest. And then again.
October 16th is just far enough away to get it done.

My job today is to crawl around the attic looking for that old black hat…

  • Brevard

    Amy Amy Amy — get some much deserved rest this weekend …. with this gas shortage in the south (ATL) you have an excuse to lay low :)

  • Shawna

    Glad things are going well with rehearsals…that’s a lot of work, I’m sure! :)
    So…I grew up listening to you and I lived in Nashville during my childhood years. Actually…many moons ago I was having heart surgery at Vanderbuilt and you called the hospital and talked to me on the phone the night before my surgery. I was one happy 12 year old for sure!
    I love how honest your music is…keep writing those kinds of lyrics! Anywho…one of my favorites is “Arms of Love” from Age to Age. Hope you have a great tour!!!

  • Jenn

    You’ll have to let us know what other cool things you find while looking for the hat. Doesn’t it always seem like you go to look for one thing and find yourself reminiscing over a hundred other things you find?

  • Veronica

    I am so glad you are blogging!
    I bet the rehersals are amazing…how can you sleep when all that excitement is going on and with those amazing band members…I cannot wait to experience it too!!!
    The first song I heard of yours was – Sing
    Your Praise To The Lord…I have a blog about it. Since that day I have never been the same!
    Be Inspired,

  • cindy

    Don’t get lost in that attic!!!! It soooooo easy to do. I’m truly glad things are going to well for you and that you are enjoying yourself. That is a blessing. And as it seems from reading you are a blessing to many. ENJOY!!

  • April Curtright

    Hi Amy,
    I’m excited for you about the tour. I’m hoping to be at your Portland, OR concert. I can’t believe it’s been 21 years! Yikes!
    I’ve been reconnecting with old friends lately (via the Internet) and am so amazed how much we all still have in common just because of our relationships with Christ. I’m sure you’re finding the same to be true with all your old friends from “Lead Me On”.
    I hope to see you soon!

  • Bob

    ABOUT TIME! I thought I was condemned to Acoustic Amy for the remainder of your touring years.
    My conversion was singularly linked to your songs, message, and energy of the latter half of the 80s. Your lyrics matured as my new found faith did.
    Time past, kids, and my really good sinning tempered my faith but I had the early years of Amy, Michael, and Steven CC to refresh my renegade faith just a tape deck away.
    Traveling down my own artistic memory lane keeps me from the cynicism of living many years and banishes the thought of settling into old age.
    I remember desperately wanting to make a difference. I miss that young guy. Except now I’m in a position to do it right, tempered by wisdom, failure, and business success. All thanks to a musician that reached a young wacked liberal TV producer.
    Thousands of years from now I’m betting I’ll still be replaying Unguarded & Straight Ahead in my mind (if not annoying the neighbors on the streets of gold).
    Make your cringing kids drag you and the walker singing “Love of Another Kind” from the stage. Duck, I’ll wack’em from the orchestra section with my dentures.

  • Barry Gadd

    I still have the photos I took as an Air Force photojournalist at the March 1989 San Antonio, TX Lead Me On show. I turned a few over to Jerry McPherson’s mother-in-law (a friend of my mom’s) before the House of Love concert in Tampa hoping to complement the photos with an autograph or two. The artists must have been so impressed that I never saw the photos again. I was flattered.
    1988 and 1989 were momentous years for me and the ambience of Lead Me On captivated my attention for quite some time. Lyrically poignant and musically evocative. I’d appreciated Amy’s releases since I was a kid in 1980 (she gave me her TAB cola can backstage in 1981 when the band consisted of Amy and some guy on acoustic guitar). Has there ever been an artist whose work affected you because it spoke about experiences you were living through? Or, perhaps, it possessed an indelible quality because it was something you shared with someone you loved profoundly. Amy and Michael were those artists during my formative years. When I listen today to songs that were released during that time, I can recall the emotions and remember those who meant the most to me. Certainly, Amy has never known and presumably never will, how those songs impacted this kid with his new faith, this kid experiencing love for the first time. That those songs were providing part of the soundtrack to my life. Lead Me On proved to be the end of an era in Christian music and for me personally as I neared the completion of the first quarter century of my life.
    Twenty years later I’m a retired Florida Army National Guard officer whose career is now at a VA hospital. I picked up the 20th Anniversary Edition and still appreciate the work and the memories. I’m stoked to learn that Jerry McPherson is on the project again. The only thing that would enhance the experience is Michael joining the tour sporting his mullet once again.
    I’d appreciate revisiting the songs in a concert experience. If it is at all possible for you to visit the Tampa, Florida region, I’m certain many others would also appreciate the opportunity to revisit them as well.
    Who knows? I might finally get those photographs signed. That would be sweet.
    God bless(es) you all

  • Janice

    Amy, please take care of your voice! We want you at full vocal power when you get to Phoenix! Hope you find the hat!

  • Michelle Burrill

    I had no idea about the pushing it until you almost lose it and then resting…That’s exactly how I train for Running! Push myself until I almost break, then rest. Then push that hard again the next time, then rest. It’s the only way to build stamina/endurance/speed…and afterwards, you just feel tough!
    You know, there are so many life metaphors that can come about from that little training analogy. Just think about it.
    And just for the record, I loved the hat…and the whole look that went with it…like the huge heart chain necklass…do you still have THAT?
    Plus, you’ve always had amazing hair. Personally, I have always admired the hair. It’s one of your genetic gifts.

  • Michelle Burrill

    P.S. Okay, I will say it again…please, oh please, come on over to my blog…it loves you, too!
    I hope you’re not mad at my asking. I know you’re a super busy lady.

  • marcelle costa

    find the hat!!! that hat is cool.

  • Walter

    Hi Amy,
    I have to agree that Arms of Love would be an amazing song to hear you sing. I hope you will consider signing it in Greeneville when I see you.

  • Lisa

    Hi Amy, I just wanted to know if you will be putting some of your older cds on your website ? Thank You Lisa

  • T&T Brotton

    we like the songs AGE to AGE and EL shadai
    we can’t wait til you come to portland oregon
    and have the LEAD Me on Tour…
    it is nice to hear how the professionals take care of their voices to get Ready for performances it is good to have tips from a professional Artist
    Gods blessings



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