Posted on: September 25th, 2008 by Amy Grant 32 Comments

I haven’t rockedthis hard in a LONG time!!!!
I’m not exactly sure when my stage performances became so laid back…
Which is fine…
But NoTHING about the Lead Me On tour was low energy.
Consequently, I’ve been belting out these old songs…Love of Another kind…Fight…Wise Up…and so forth for four days now.
And you know what, I haven’t felt this energized and impassioned about creativity and music in a long time.
I know we’re all getting older and a little less willing to jump in the mosh pit, but if you plan on coming to any of the concerts in this 20 city run,then you might want to leave your high heeled fashion footwera at home so you can move a little bit.
Trust me, it feels great.
Like an emotional, spiritual, and physical B-12 shot.

  • Lori

    Wow, I am so excited! I just bought my tickets for the Wichita concert today. I wasn’t going to go since I live over two hours away in Oklahoma but decided that I have waited long enough to see you in concert, Amy. I was twelve when the LMO tour orginally happened and begged my mom to go. It will be great to hear all these songs again.

  • stephen Kaiss

    Two questions. Are you going to continue the Lead me on tour in the fall and for those of us who will not be able to attend the show, will you be releasing it on DVD? Please

  • Sara


  • Stephen Salter

    Whoo-Hoo! I for one can’t wait for this. Still (I don’t know why) but because I’ll be at the last concert, I’m even more excited!! GO AMY! KEEP ON ROCKIN’!

  • Glenn Taylor

    Two Words… You are So COOL! (ok 4)

  • Merrie

    My husband will be happy enough if I don’t wear heels — then I won’t be taller than him. 😉
    Can’t wait to hear all of those songs live. I’m excited!

  • Christina

    Amy I am so excited. I have front row for the Spokane concert. I am just worried that because of no promoting for the 20th LMO concert that the promoters might cancel. If you get a chance see what your tour manager can do. Thanx LOL

  • Michelle Burrill

    I just want you to know that I love all of those songs, and I loved them on the original albums they first appeared on. I was anxious to devour those albums and memorize every word…and if I didn’t understand what the lyrics meant, I continued to listen and listen and think about it and analyze it until I finally got it! (I was like 11, 12, 13 when those songs were released.) And what about the song “If These Walls Could Speak?” I want that one on my playlist for my blog, but can’t find it.
    By the way, shameless plug, my blog address is Please stop on by! :-)

  • cindy

    You go girl!!!

  • Rachel (WI)

    You go Amy!You keep on rocking girl! And
    thanks for all your hard work getting this tour up and running.

  • Amelia

    Woohoo!! That sounds FANTASTIC!! I wish you guys were coming to Charlotte, NC because I would love to experience this show!! Hope your rehearsals continue to go well! Keep rocking it out girlfriend! :)

  • Chris (Charlotte, NC)

    We will be UP for the show in Branson, I guarantee that. Really, really looking forward to it. It will be great to ROCK with you once again!

  • Roberta

    Right On!!!! Looking forward to rockin’ out once again…LMO is the best…Those were magical years!!! We are getting older, but baby, we ain’t dead yet!
    Irvine, look out ’cause here we come!

  • Roberta

    Right On!!!! Looking forward to rockin’ out once again…LMO is the best…Those were magical years!!! We are getting older, but baby, we ain’t dead yet!
    Irvine, look out ’cause here we come!

  • Ryan

    Can’t wait to see you Amy!!! You are a hero to many people in this world and we cannot wait to dance with you in Modesto, CA! We’ll be in the front row cheering you on!!

  • John

    Dance, jump, mosh pit, yay! So excited for a non laid back concert after so many years.

  • Bonnie

    Can’t wait to see you in Hershey.

  • Janice

    AMY ROCKS!!! We’ll be rockin’ along with you in Phoenix, Amy! :-)

  • Dot

    Just wanted to thank you for your continued ministry! Rock on!

  • Nolan Brooks

    HELL YEAH!!!! (oops, can I say that on here?) Amy, you’re making me wanna jump outta my chair and start rockin’ already!!! So excited, I can’t stand it! It will be a flippin awesome show! As the saying goes, age ain’t nothing but a number! LEAD US ON 20 MORE YEARS AMY!!!

  • Kate

    Amy, Your euphoria is certainly contagious! We are so thrilled for all of you and can’t wait to experience it all firsthand. Thanks so much for your personal Blog. We love the new Web site. Please take good care of yourself. Your LMO/Christmas tour schedule looks grueling even for a young chick like yourself. Keeping you and your family in our daily prayers.

  • lpvmusic

    Amy….I remember the energy of the crowd at the Unguarded and Lead Me On tours! I have a feeling that engery will be back at this tour! I’ll be off my seat dancing with you! I’m glad you have your creative juices back! I hope after this tour, you take all the band members with you into the studio to record your new CD! Cheers to living life abundantly! Love ya! -Lionel

  • Cedric

    Amy- 26 years ago, as a college freshman, I went to my 1st concert. I have spent the last 30 + years singing your songs. At that 1st concert, I was so shocked how energetic the concert was and was estactic when u released Unguarded which reflected the energy of your concerts. I have been to every tour ever since besides the christmas tours. You just made my day by saying you are bringing out the Unguarded material “Fight” is my all time favorite song and personal testimony… My dear mom now 75 and the energetic 45 year old man- will be dancing away at Marine Church in Irvine October 17th–Since i am running a marathon in DC a week later–I will use the concert as a cardio exercise- Physically and Spiritually :)– Have fun and God Bless

  • Firefly

    Amy — Girl, your excitement and enthusiasm are contagious! Nov. 18 in Greeneville, TN can’t get here soon enough!! Can’t wait to relive such a wonderful time from my youth, and Barry and I will most definitely be wearing our dancin’ shoes! This show is by far going to be the one real true highlight of this year! Rock On!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Hey Amy – PLEASE come back to Louisville for the LMO tour!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    you can count on me to be dancing!!!

  • marcelle costa

    wow hahahha… amy you have excited everybody in this blog… ready to the rock!!, i’m waiting for the dvd to see it.
    that’s it leave your high heeled fashion footwera at home, and just do what you know to do, bring joy and fun. sorry my english everybody… joy in the joyride

  • Bob

    ABOUT TIME! I thought I was condemned to Acoustic Amy for the remainder of your touring years.
    My conversion was singularly linked to your songs, message, and energy of the latter half of the 80s. Your lyrics matured as my new found faith did.
    Time past, kids, and my really good sinning tempered my faith but I had the early years of Amy, Michael, and Steven CC to refresh my renegade faith just a tape deck away.
    Traveling down my own artistic memory lane keeps me from the cynicism of living many years and banishes the thought of settling into old age.
    I remember desperately wanting to make a difference. I miss that young guy. Except now I’m in a position to do it right, tempered by wisdom, failure, and business success. All thanks to a musician that reached a young wacked liberal TV producer.
    Thousands of years from now I’m betting I’ll still be replaying Unguarded & Straight Ahead in my mind (if not annoying the neighbors on the streets of gold).
    Make your cringing kids drag you and the walker singing “Love of Another Kind” from the stage. Duck, I’ll wack’em from the orchestra section with my dentures.

  • Jackie

    Yeah!! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be on my feet dancin’ at the Wichita show! When I was 11, I went to the LMO concert in Omaha, and my mom, sister and I are just thrilled to relive this concert after loving these songs for 20 years!

  • myszkin

    Oh man! I would SO love to see it/hear it/be near it! And I don’t have any high heels so I would dance dance dance 😉
    I hope there is a chance for dvd.
    Rock it madame! 😀

  • Becca

    Amy….I agree with Amelia…come to Charlotte, NC!!!!! The last time I saw you was 3 years ago, and it’s about time to see you again. The DVD was awesome, but I’d love to hear you rock out in person to those 80’s tunes again! By the way, I love the growling, aggressive vocals on the live LMO recordings!
    Come to Charlotte! :)
    God Bless,

  • Linda

    Amy, your excitement just sealed the deal for me – I’m ordering tickets for the Minneapolis show! My husband and I will make the 3 hour drive north. I can’t WAIT to rock out with you and the band!! I was in the 4th row during the Little Rock show in 1988 and met you backstage afterward. You’ve provided the soundtrack for my life through all its ups and downs the past 25 years. Thanks for adding the music to my memories! You are loved and so appreciated!



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