21 years ago tonight

Posted on: September 24th, 2008 by Amy Grant 19 Comments

I loved being at rehearsal today, realizing that it was 21 years ago tonight that we recorded Lead Me On.
I was very pregnant, and in fact gave birth to Matt the next day.
I love the unexplainable power of music to cause emotions long forgotten to well up inside.
That’s what bringing back these old songs has done for me.
Can’t wait to share the experience with whoever else wants to join in.

  • http://www.vanessachristine.blogspot.com Michelle Burrill

    Amy Grant! I am not a person who puts people on pedistals, because it’s unrealistic, since we are all just human. However, you have LONG been the one person I have always wanted to meet. Your music spoke to me throughout my childhood; I just started blogging 2 months ago, and I have blogged about you,and your influence in my young life. Your song “Lead me On” is actually on my playlist on my blog…so is your song “Stay For Awhile.” I just want to thank you here for your influence, for your artistry, and for touching my life. I will always love you!

  • Lisa

    Thanks for your great music!
    Your life and your music it is such an insparation in my life!
    Greetings from Germany
    Be blessed

  • http://profile.typekey.com/rocklin1/ rocklin1

    Amy your songs are wonderful and i just love how you and Vince write them Good luck on your tour and God bless you Amy here is my Church’s website for you My mom made the website i love your site Good Job on your Blog and just seeing what is going on in your life and your family Happy Birthday Matt

  • Tricia Dudley

    I was at the Sioux City soundcheck and show – wonderful as always. :) My sister and I are traveling to Wichita to see Lead Me On. We unforunately didn’t get to see the original. Here are my requests: Sing Your Praise To the Lord, Love Can Do, Everywhere I Go, Find A Way and The Now and the Not Yet. Be 27 again … drop the guitar and shake what your mama gave ya! Amy, you’ve been such a gift from God in my life. I cherish what your music has done for me. God bless you!

  • Glenn Taylor

    I was at the original concert in Seattle. There must have been 20,000 people there in the key arena. It was PACKED! I remember the song “Wait for the healing” with you in that cool black hat and the reallllly long guitar part at the end. LOVED it. Best concert of my life. (NO PRESSURE :) I’ll be there this go around too. At the Overlake Church in Redmond (Seattle area), only this time I’ll have my beautiful wife with me (wasn’t married last time). It’s cool how shared memories between you and your fans can make us feel like we somehow “know” each other. You’ve kept the faith through a LOT of challenges! You truly are a realistic role model to a lot of people who wonder if they can truly live out their faith when life deals big blows to them. Thanks for your over-all consistency and transparency at the same time over the years. My request again—THE NOW AND THE NOT YET!
    “no longer—what we were before, but not all that we will be…”
    Thank you SO much Jesus!

  • sarah

    Happy Birthday Matt! Thank you for letting your mom come to work so we could all share in the best Christian album of all time!

  • http://www.decipherthefog.blogspot.com Andrea

    I too love the way that music can drum up all kinds of past emotions. Magically, with just a few notes, your soul remembers. Very neat! Good luck with rehearsals and enjoy this step back in time. :)

  • cindy

    Yes it is amazing how music can bring back so much. I listened to you for years (I’m 2 years older). I used to grab my husband and dance with him or just hug him when a song of yours was played. He’d always talk about taking me to see you one day in concert but sadly he died before that was ever possible. So often he comes back when I hear your songs. I will be there with one of my best friends to see you in Hershey and I’m bringing 5 out of 6 of my children to see you and Vince in Baltimore for your Christmas show. My oldest said that it just wouldn’t be Christmas without Amy Grant. You’ve spanned generations. Isn’t it amazing!! Thanks Amy for your music and for the memories.

  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    Amy, glad rehearsals are going well! I can’t wait to experience even more of your music! I love it! Thanks for sharing your gift!

  • http://hereshegrows.blogspot.com kendra

    21 years ago tonight I was probably wearing out Unguarded (the cassette!) waiting for your next release. Who knew I would get to interview you during the Lead Me On tour for the Tennessean – fun times!

  • http://sleeplessmornings.blogspot.com/ Merrie

    My daughter was born on Matt’s 16th birthday it seems. Today I celebrate her turning five.
    http://sleepless mornings.blogspot.com
    I actually listened to Simple Things as we drove to the hospital with me in labor, and later tried picturing each word of the songs in my head as I focused through the contractions. After my little girl was born, I sang “Looking for You” to her, and it’s been our song ever since.
    As for Lead Me On — favorite album for me, and I can’t wait to see the live show in October. Enjoy the memories!

  • Janice

    Happy Birthday to Matt! I’m glad the tour preparations are bringing back wonderful memories for you, Amy!

  • donna

    can’t wait for the phx concert! i was a young mom when i first saw u at the celebrity. have followed u over the yrs, and our lives have taken many similar turns. now at 49 all 4 of my kids are grown with my youngest in his 1st yr at college. been divorced for 4 yrs and starting a new life and sm business on my horse farm. there have been many times i thought i would’nt make it but my God is faithful. feel like a kindred spirit in many ways. God bless u and your family.

  • Kelly

    Dear Amy
    I have been listening to your music since I was 18 years old, I love your music. Your music has touched my life in many ways. I become a Christian because of you and your music. I just want to know how I can write to you or email you a letter. I would love to meet you someday. I know that she is coming to Greenville, TN in November 18, 2008. I’m looking forward to having you out here in TN. I thank you so much for helping me through all of the difficult times.
    Thank you,

  • marcelle costa

    i join in every day, cause every day there’s music in my life, since the bus to the university till the come back to my home, for sure the music is … part of my life, and your songs amy, be part of the soundtrack of my life.see you…
    i wish i could join in a show of you here in brazil some day… i believe.

  • Nolan Brooks

    Wow, talk about an initial experience coming full circle. I could only imagine how poignant this moment must be for you… groundbreaking album and the birth of your first child. So much life lived within those 21 years. Congrats Amy. AND HAPPY 21ST MATT!!!

  • wayne allen

    Happy Birthday Matt! Remember, you are a big part in this celebration with mama! Thanks Amy for all that you do! You’ve been such an inspiration to us all! We look forward to 20 more Lord willing, if He tarries!

  • Linda Berger

    21 some years ago I remember the “Lead Me On” tour – man was I young (and you were too!). I do remember listening to your music in the late 70’s in high school and it moving my spirit. I was blessed to see you in concert at Melodyland in Anaheim in the early 1980’s. Life has certainly rolled on and I am proud of you for your authenticity. God is just so faithful and your life exemplifies that. Thanks, Amy.

  • David

    shame on you. your decision to leave gary chapman was very selfish. you let a lot of people down.



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