Two ships passing in the night

Posted on: September 20th, 2008 by Amy Grant 18 Comments

Tonight is my second show in Iowa this weekend. This one is with the Des Moines Symphony.
My good friend, violinist Ruth McGinnis, flew in from Nashville as my special guest.
Her sister and brother-in-law are the first chair cellist and concert master, respectfully.
Vince is in Iowa, too.
I’m not sure where.
I wonder if we’ll pass on the highway while we’re sleeping…
That’s life on the road.

  • Scott

    Dang, wish I could have seen your concert! I live on the east side of the state. Saw you in Portland, Oregon years ago. Great concert!

  • Kimberly

    Welcome to Des Moines, Amy! We’re really excited to have you here, particularly those of us who remember COVETING your four-inch red heels on the inset of _Straight Ahead_. Ahem. My mom will be accompanying you in the first violin section, second stand, probably in four-inchers but black, not red. :)
    Thank you for many years of stellar songwriting, sublime vocals, and a public life lived in a cushion of grace. I’m looking forward to a great concert-

  • marcelle costa

    amy , get a look on this page from brasil, that we made to honor you, talk about your songs, and so much more for the amy’s fans in brasil. there are so many members. we’re really waiting for one show of you here, we just want to see you singing here.ok?
    would be good if you could coment about it.send some messages to your brazilian’s fans, bye…

  • Julie Mendoza

    Hi Amy,
    Just caught this latest blog as I put the little one to bed and was checking my emails, etc. I sort of feel like you and Vince tonight, as my husband is a musician and as I was walking in the door tonight he had just walked out to go play a show! ha
    Am flying from St. Louis to San Diego to see your show on Oct. 22 and would love to hear “Say Once More”…one of my all time favorites and one that I sing every night to my son, Gabriel. “Lover of my Soul”, “What Kind of Love” and “After the Fire” are also top on my requests :)
    Can’t wait to hear you sing, play and tell your stories…you just have the most calming and effortless way of expressing yourself.
    Thanks for sharing your gifts all these years…looking forward to 20 more!
    Blessings to you,

  • rocklin1

    Hi Amy you are a wonderful person i have seen you 2 times in concert and Vince 6 times i can remember when you called our local Country music station Pat and tom on 105.1 knci they where having a Blast talking to you here is a picture of you and me together just want to show you how great it is to be a Fan of yours and Vince’s i do pray for both of you and hope to see you on the road some day i will be having another son on the way Here is my first son his name is David Brian Miner
    we all love you in sacramento Ca Amy

  • sarah

    It doesn’t surprise me that such a great songwriter could write a blog and make it sound like poetry. The part about passing by Vince was so romantic with a tinge of sadness. But only in a good way.

  • Carol

    Wow–every time I have been at your concerts, I am so refreshed and renewed. Thank you. Your songs have always seemed to be just what I need to hear at that time. I no longer believe in coincidence. Your messages have supported, reassured, and renewed me. Thanks again for the music and the message!

  • Julie

    Hi Amy-my sister and I saw you in Sioux City the other night. Great show once again! We’ve probably seen you close to 20 times or so since ’95. So blessed each time, thank you so much for sharing your heart.
    God Bless,
    Lincoln, NE

  • Julie

    Hi Amy-my sister and I saw you in Sioux City the other night. Great show once again! We’ve probably seen you close to 20 times or so since ’95. So blessed each time, thank you so much for sharing your heart.
    God Bless,
    Lincoln, NE

  • Joni

    Hi, Amy ! My daughter Annie and I were thrilled to sit in the front row for your show in Des Moines with the symphony last night. Her first dance at her wedding was Looking for You. We have seen you in person three times, the first of which when Annie was little and your sound crew entertained themselves (and us!) with their hand puppets. Thanks for sharing your amazing life and outlook – we will see you again.
    Joni and Annie
    Des Moines, Iowa

  • Angie

    Des Moines was awesome. I’m a singer/songwriter and I lead worship for 10th grade girls at my church in Memphis. My family live in Illinois, and I got to go home, meet up with them, and go to the concert. It was awesome. And 3rd row seats rock. The Lord showed up last night, too.

  • Carol

    Thank you for a wonderful concert in Sioux City on Friday night, Amy! I came in from St. Louis to be there with my sister Cathy and her two daughters. We had a good time remembering back about 11 years ago when the three of them were driving to St. Louis to see your concert with me and got stranded on I-70 in a freak snowstorm for eight hours — missed the concert — wore out your CDs in the car — learned some new bad words — survived, and went on to enjoy many of your concerts since. You’re truly amazing and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your talents with us. We all loved the new stuff you performed on Friday and can’t wait for the new CD. All best always — feeling like you’re a friend — Carol

  • Jamie

    Thank you for such a wonderful experience in Des Moines. I had never made a soundcheck before and was absolutely thrilled that you talked to us when it was done. And then the show, WOW!!! I have been to your shows before but I think this one was the best. Thank you for being you and sharing with us your gift.

  • sydney brown

    hi Amy,
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  • Sue Pearson

    Funny to hear you talk about “two ships passing in the night” with respect to your husband, Vince. I was able to attend his concert in Mason City on Saturday night, and after his second song, he lamented to the crowd that you were only 120 miles away from him, performing with the Des Moines Symphony. He mentioned this fact SO many times that the group suggested a meeting place halfway between Des Moines and Iowa City. It was a delightful exchange with the crowd. He clearly missed you, but pulled off a fabulous acoustic concert anyway. :)

  • Andrew

    Having been born and raised in Iowa and living the first 30+ years of my life there(since then 6 years in Key West, FL and now 45 days in Rochester, NY), I would have loved to been able to come back for these two shows. How special for those who were there to see Ruth McGinnis, she is amazing! I can’t imagine how strange it must have felt to know that Vince was so close, yet so far away.

  • Katy Rogowicz

    You asked for requests for the “Lead Me On” tour. I think you should do some songs from “Unguarded”. That album was left out completely from your LIVE album. I think there are a few songs from “Straight Ahead” that deserve to be dusted off.
    I also think that “How Can We See That Far” is a very under rated song. I know you said earlier than ’88 but…

  • Cathy

    Hi Amy,
    My daughters, my sister and I were in the audience Friday nite in Sioux City. Thank you for such a memorable evening~! We’ve all shared an admiration for you and your music and it was such a special nite for us. Your voice is even more amazing as time goes on! Life and it’s experiences haven’t all been easy….it’s so nice to hear your stories that go along with the songs and your messages of hope. The first concert ever for my girls, (now 23 and 25) was your Heart in Motion tour here in Sioux City. It was so fitting that we all gather again for your show Friday nite. It was like spending the evening with a good friend. Thank you for that~! One of my favorite songs is If These Walls Could Speak….can’t wait to hear that one again. The new songs that you shared with us are incredible….all four of us will have that CD as soon as we can get our hands on it! Not only has your music touched me…but also your spirit and your view of this season in life……we’re the same age! I appreciate you and find so much common ground! Thank you again for not only blessing me with your music, but giving me that connection with my girls and my sister. It’s priceless. Keep on going!!
    Till next time!



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