working on new song ideas…

Posted on: September 18th, 2008 by Jennifer 6 Comments

  • marcelle costa


  • Stephen Salter

    Hey Jen,
    Can’t wait for the tour or for the new album next year. Hope Amy tours for it next year.
    Thanks for the pic.

  • Teresa

    Is that the famous Thistles painting in the background?

  • Tina

    I love to write songs. It got me through a really tough time in my life. Its a great way to express yourself and get out some held in feelings and thoughts.
    How about a song about how music has changed you in some sort of way.
    xoxo Simple..(nickname)

  • Lorraine Lowen

    Hi Amy,
    I have looked up to you for many years. I think of how many young people listen to your thoughts through your songs and how it lifts them up. Please know always how much of blessing you are
    I remember the song that has the words, “I sing a song for every sorry”. That one really hit the spot for a long time.
    By the way are you related to John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy? You look like both of them and I have thought you have John F. Kennedy’s wonderful heart.
    I hope you get plenty of rest…….please?
    When did you accept Jesus in your heart?
    With lots of love and admiration, Lorraine

  • Lisa

    Hi Amy, I was wondering if you were going to set up some of your old cds on your web page? I was a young girl when i heard the song FATHERS EYES it i just one of my favorites Thank You And God Bless! Lisa



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