Sure need a road trip to get some sleep

Posted on: September 17th, 2008 by Amy Grant 3 Comments
  • Chris (Charlotte, NC)

    Ah, yes…. the ol’ “I just got back from vacation and now I need a vacation!” syndrome. Been there. May you soon get away from the overdemanding “routine” of everyday life (and planning meetings and rehearsals and interviews and marketing and “Amy, what do you think about this….?” and…..) such that you can ‘rest up’ on the road! May God grant you peace and rest. Take care of yourself. You’ll be in my prayers.

  • Kelley Lints

    I know you must be exhausted, but what would we all do without you? As someone who has been blessed by your music for 22 years, I can say that my life has been changed for the good because of you. Keep up the great work Amy and know that you are loved. Can’t wait to see you in Modesto, Ca!!!!!

  • Christine

    looking forward to seeing you, Sorry to see no sound check in Modesto CA., but I will see you in Visalia CA., for sure. Sleep, yep! I know how you feel, the long days of traveling, and the nightly shows, but it’s worth it to your fans, and it means so much. See you soon.
    Christine, Atwater, CA.



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