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Posted on: September 17th, 2008 by Amy Grant 24 Comments

Song meeting tomorrow morning to play new songs for EMI.
This weekend will be the last two shows before rehearsals start for the Lead Me On tour.
Can’t wait to lay eyes on everybody.
Twenty years is a long time.
Just imagine that in dog years.
My guess is that we’re all going to slide right back into those familiar brain tracks.
Maybe just a half- step lower.

  • http://profile.typekey.com/rocklin1/ rocklin1

    Good Luck Amy and your band i hope everything will go well for you You are very blessed to have a wonderful family and friends around you

  • Cindy Barrett

    Just a note from a vocal coach in Memphis who has followed your career from the start…I really love “Jehovah” and “In a Little While”..In fact it is almost 3 am here and I had to go over to the keyboard and sing for a while.It brought back great memories. I hope you have a great tour and I hope to see you in either Greenville or Branson.
    Cindy Barrett

  • http://www.generaldin.blogspot.com Michele

    I’ve been listening to Lead Me On a lot lately. The songs still sound so fresh and relevant in this day & age. I can’t believe it is 20 years old! My faves? “If These Walls Could Speak.” This song still affects me so. It makes me think of all sorts of family relationships – my husband, my sons, my parents. Also, “Say Once More.” Had this played at my wedding, 18 years ago this October. This line: Tell me that time won’t erase, The way that my heart sees your face. It gets me every time.
    Good luck on the tour. Do you still eat potato chips before a show? I don’t think I’ll get a chance to see this LMO tour, but am definitely looking forward to the Christmas Tour at the MGM Grand/Foxwoods in December in Connecticut!

  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    Hi Amy! I hope everything goes well with rehearsals! Thanks so much for continuing to share your gift of music with others. I have grown up listening to your music and there is nothing better..haha! I look forward to reading about how everything goes so keep us posted!

  • Roberta

    Yes…20 years is a long time, but those tracks are as fresh and new as the first time I heard them…I have totally worn out my original LPs…then the cassettes and now the CD’s of LMO and Heart in Motion…I can’t wait to hear them in person again…Thanks for giving your life to us…It can’t be easy…Sending you hugs from the last 30 years!!!!

  • jacartist

    “By the time you get to Phoenix..” LOL!! We cannot wait for you to get here! Hopefully, the weather won’t be too hot for you.

  • Kathy

    Hi Amy,
    I have lived most of my adult life alongside you. Saw you in concert many times and want you to know I am amazed at how our lives mirror each other. I’ve never met you but feel like you are my sister.
    I have admired so much about you and stayed with you during the good times and bad. (Like I said, our lives mirror each other in so many ways.) Married, music, kids, and a heart totally in love with and mesmerized by God each and every day. His mercies are new every morning!
    I just noted you are coming to my city. If I could borrow one of your managers for the next two months maybe I can make it! I juggle three jobs and absolutely love each one, but I truly feel like the rubber has met the road with that ‘run the race’ verse.
    Anyway, just want to wish God’s blessings on you. Thanks for being out in the open for so many years.
    I just have one question, though. HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT WONDERFUL FIGURE OF YOURS???? I have searched your website everywhere for your ‘secrets’ and can’t find it anywhere! I’m serious. With your busy schedule, can you share with us how you stay so healthy?
    Hope to see ya soon!

  • Stephen Salter

    Hi Amy,
    Can’t wait to see you in Upper Darby at the Tower Theatre. I’ve never seen you live and considering I was like 3 or 4 when you did the original LMO tour, I’m very excited–especially because it will be the last show–I don’t know why but that makes it even more exciting. Oh well, see you then. I be in like the 3rd row of the orchestra–look for me–HA!

  • wayne allen

    Can’t wait to see you in hershey in november! Wow 20 years! Where has the time gone! I hope to one day, be able to sing with you before i flee from this earth! That is my wish! My friend and i have lost alot of friends in the war, since 2003! God be with us all! Take care amy! God bless you! We love you amy! Wayne Allen

  • wayne allen

    Oh man! Where are my thoughts.lol! When u came to hershey 20 years ago, u opened with “love of another kind”, “wait for the healing”, “everywhere i go”, “saved by love”, “1974”, “shadows”, “fight”,”i love you”, “el shaddai”, “stay for awhile”, “emmanuel”, “o come all ye faithful”, “friends”, “say once more”, and a couple others! See ya there!

  • wayne allen

    After all, the other songs were done by michael and gary!

  • JA

    As a fan since the 4th grade (long story of how I first started buying your ‘albums’)I grew up on all your stuff–for example, I would bike around, listening to “I’m gonna fly” on my walkman :) I guess that dates me, doesn’t it.
    I will be attending your Morgan Hill, CA show. I have so many favorites, like Saved by Love…but if I were to go back a little further…would you do Where do you hide your heart?
    A fan for life

  • Debbie Ciarrocchi

    Although this is from your Age to Age album, I would love to hear you do Arms of Love live. I’ll be seeing you at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA.
    Hope you have a great tour.
    Debbie Ciarrocchi

  • Nolan Brooks

    Hey Amy, so besides taking requests for the play list, do you interact with your fans at each show, i.e. bring them on stage to sing a bit with you? hahahaha… sorry, had to give it a shot – can you tell this is one of my dreams – to sing with you? If it is a possibility, i’m attending the Redmond, WA concert on Oct 28th (my first Amy concert). I’ll keep hoping 😛

  • wayne allen

    Woo Hoo! Can’t wait! Hershey Concert, here we come! May be a friend and i going to the upper darby concert also! Can’t Wait! Have a great day!

  • Angela Carrillo

    Hi Amy
    can’t wait to see you in concert this year!
    I am 35 years old and have been listening to you since I was 12. I remember the album cover you were wearing a yellow Leather Jacket:) with your guitar sitting next to you. I would love to hear you sing Don’t give up on me in Irvine Ca. concert. I love all your music Old New songs I love it! But I would love to hear this song. Its my first time seeing you in person. I have waited since I was 12 to see you in concert. I am so excited!! I will be praying for you this tour that it will be a great success in your life. I love Lead me on!! Congrats!! Love you guys sooo much. Thank you for being such a huge blessing in my singing in church for so many years.
    Angela Carrillo
    (Wilmington Ca.)

  • Christina from San Diego

    Hi Amy,
    I also can’t believe it’s been 20 years since you came to San Diego on your LMO tour.
    I hope you play ‘Sure Enough’…this time. =)
    Happy Trails…

  • Karl-Johan Eriksson

    Amy, I love you! Keep writing! I read part of your last letter. I will read more soon. I’m a busy man (karl_johaneriksson@hotmail.com). Speaking is your most important tool, next comes writing. Be careful with your voice.
    Would be nice to hear from you. My twinflame says hi to you. Mary is her name.
    God bless!

  • m

    Michelle here…
    Has it really been 20 years?
    I was on tour with cindy Morgan the Tuesday LMO 20th anniversary edition came out… We started reminiscing about LMO, and our favorite songs, saved by love being a mutual favorite…. Thanks for the memories… Hoping to get to the Greenville,tn show in October!
    Would love to hear “saved by love…”

  • http://emphasisonmoms.blogspot.com Dionna

    Love the new blog, Amy. I was following your video blog (which was also great) but I like this format better so that I can interact and leave comments if the need suits me. :)

  • Christina

    I was honored to attend the benefit concert for the Girls Club of Sioux City, IA. Thanks for sharing “special songs never heard before” with us in Sioux City. The evening was truly medicine for the soul!!
    Blessings on your tour and ministry!

  • Lorrie M

    I am so excited to see this reunion tour. I am attending at least two shows in Modesto and Morgan Hill and I might even make it down to Visalia.
    I didn’t catch on to you until “HIM” so I missed out the first time around.
    My favorite song on “LMO” is definitely “All Right.” It has helped me through so many times of trouble I cannot count them all.
    God bless you.

  • wayne allen

    Amy, Christina couldn’t of stated it better, how your music makes us feel! Right on Christina, “medicine for the soul”! Thanks for 31 blessed medicinal years of my life, thus far Amy! God Bless You!

  • Matt

    just curious – do you play them on a guitar or do you have rough demo tracks you play them?



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