Stage Plots and Set Design

Posted on: September 15th, 2008 by admin 2 Comments

This thing is really starting to take shape. We just finished our set design and are in the process of getting final approval on the stage plot. Who says you can’t have a great tour without a semi full of gear. Much easier if you ask me. Long gone are the days of 6am load-in’s. That is for someone else these days. I would much rather come in at 10am and enjoy the day a bit more. I thought about posting a sample of what things might look like but decided against ruining the surprise. I wouldn’t want to give away the rotating risers (oops!)

At any rate, band rehearsals start next week and one month from today we will be wrapping up our travel to Phoenix in anticipation of the first show the next day. Time flies when you are having fun so I expect the next few weeks will fly by.

Until later and more to come

  • Stephen Salter

    Surprise–fine by me. Can’t wait–although for me it is 2 months and 6 days–5 tomorrow. I’m sure it will pass quickly. That is usually how it is with when you can’t wait but don’t want it to go come to fast because then it is over.

  • Marc

    Cool blog! I’ve been listening to Amy since 1986 and build pro audio gear for a living so this is right up my alley.
    Reading your comments about later load-in: does that mean you hiring PA locally? (Not looking for business, just curious)
    Marc @ Crown



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