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Posted on: September 13th, 2008 by Jennifer 10 Comments

So, one of the most common questions asked of me is simply "what exactly do you do for Amy?"  You would think that would be a simple answer but it isn’t.  Hopefully over time, as you read this blog, those of you who are curious will begin to better understand what a manager does, but to start things off I thought I would give you a glimpse of a fairly typical day (this was yesterday)

7:30am – at the computer answering emails regarding a variety of things.  One email is a proposed 60 second radio spot for the upcoming Christmas tour, but the song selection in the spot doesn’t quite feel right yet so it will need to be tweaked.  Another email is from a charity asking for Amy to donate a concert this fall.  Another is from a company wanting to bid on tour merchandise designs…  They keep on coming as fast as I can answer them.

9:30am – meet with Amy to discuss upcoming Lead Me On reunion tour questions.  The meeting is supposed to last 30 minutes but winds up stretching out to about three hours as we decide to tackle as much as we can while we have the time.  During the meeting she plays me two new songs that she has written.

1pm – at the office, finally!  Have to approve artwork for the "Lead Me On 20th Anniversary Collection" that is going to the BMG Music Club.  The regular retail release was in a "digi-pack" but BMG requires releases in a "jewel case" and that means we have to make some changes to the artwork.  (Are you bored yet?)

2pm – new Christmas radio spot is sent and sounds much better.  Need to call back several promoters and talk about their local marketing initiatives on both the ‘Lead Me On" and "Christmas" tours.

3:30pm – review a new website for Philosophy.com.  Amy is partnering with Philosophy on an infomercial (we LOVE the stuff!) and for a campaign to raise funds/awareness for cancer research.  Amy recorded a song called "She Colors My Day" and all the proceeds from the recording are being donated to cancer charities.  To support the effort, Philosophy is creating a cool new website where people can make their own personal photo slide shows to the song.  The website is supposed to go live on 9/29 and I will definitely post a link on this blog.

4pm – more Philosophy.  Amy shot a music video for the song last Thursday in Birmingham and I need to speak with the producer about the time line for seeing the first edit.  The producers/directors decided that everyone they hired for the video should be someone with a personal cancer story which made for a very emotional set.  For instance, the little girl in the video lost her mom to cancer a few years ago.  Shoot – that reminds me, I was supposed to have Amy sign pictures for all of the cast/crew while I was with her this morning.  I guess I need to add that back to my "things to do" list for tomorrow.

5pm – talking to EMI about ways we can promote the Philosophy single on Amazon.com and a few other marketing ideas.  Also approved a few interview requests for Amy to do to support the new Christmas Collection, which will need to be scheduled in the next two weeks.

5:30pm – calling it a day and off to pick up Braden (my 3 year old son) at school.  I’ll turn the phone and computer off until after he goes to sleep and then try to catch up on emails once again before I turn in for the night.


  • http://joyinview.wordpress.com Amelia

    Hey Jennifer. I have enjoyed reading your blogs thus far! Thanks so much for sharing about your job and life. I look forward to reading many more so keep them coming! Thanks for all you to help get Amy’s music to the world. I know that it has touched many lives including mine! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  • Stephen Salter

    Hi Jen,
    Wow, busy day! I love how you turn everything off to spend time with your son. Not only a great manager, but also a great mom. I’m can’t wait to see the new music video. My grandmother had breast cancer and survived; however my Aunt Mary Grace struggled for five years as it went into remission came back (2nd time in her lungs) and then went into remission again but then came back (3rd time in her brain). She also like Amy Grant. She had her “Collection” CD from 1986, that is what got me looking into Amy’s older music (stuff before Heart In Motion). I love these blogs. Well, hope you are having a nice weekend. Oh–is being a manager a 5 day a week job or do you work on weekends? Well, good luck with the the tour, album, Philosophy, and everything else.

  • Kate

    You are a busy lady! Congrats on doing a super job! How do we get Amy to come back to Grand Rapids, MI. I know in the past she has stopped in Grand Rapids on her Christmas tours but I don’t see one for this yr. Any idea when you might be this way?

  • jacartist

    Wow, Jennifer! Sounds like you have a full plate every day but it sounds fun too. I’m sure Amy appreciates everything you do for her.

  • Parwaymom

    Very intriquing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this behind the scenes look at marketing and management. :)

  • http://profile.typekey.com/teenajepsen/ tjep

    I love this post! It may be mundane to you but for a fan like me I eat it up! Thank you for giving us just a snippet of what it’s like to work with Amy.

  • Kelly Hoeckelberg-Young

    Oh my goodness … my son’s name is Braden (he’s 6!). Awesome name!!! Glad to see you and Amy are blogging! My husband and I are looking forward to seeing her on Oct. 27 in Portland, OR!!

  • wayne allen

    Hey Jen, You really do have alot to do for that job! What is the actual new website for amy now? I cant wait to see her in hershey in november! Now, i will have membership and buying one for my one friend too! Now when we meet amy then, what will we need for us 2 and 2 children with us? Thanx Jen and keep up the good work! Wayne Allen

  • Christine

    Wow! and I thought my day was busy. But you know management has a great place in my heart. Though I am not a manager now, and work for the Dept. of Corrections, My job is stressful, but yours is just right down busy. It’s nice to know that you are able to spend a little time with your son. It sounds like you like your job. I remember Amy’s previous manager, and I often thought that his job was stressful, but it sounds like you have it completely organized, and love what you do.

  • Jim Cordero

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your work. Our 19yr old daughter has expressed an interest in a career like yours. Any tips on what a person could do to prepare for that? Schooling, other job experience, industry experience, how to land a position like this???
    Thank you for all you do and God bless you and your family.



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