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Posted on: September 10th, 2008 by Amy Grant 130 Comments

One month and five days until we fly to Phoenix to start the Lead Me On tour.
Time to start getting my voice back in shape.
I listen to those old concert recordings and think. Who is that screamer?
So if you pass me in traffic and I’m singing my head off, no laughing.
Any requests for songs to be included in set list welcomed.
Must be from 1988 or earlier.
Be well.

  • Justin

    Hi Amy!
    Love the new website look and the interactive dialogue.
    I will be at your Phoenix show and have seen you live many,many times. :)
    Thank you for all the years of music, it has truly been such a fantastic ride-a part of many of my life experiences.
    I have a request for the Phoenix show set list-Doubly Good To You. I would love to hear that live. (A few songs from Unguarded would be cool to)It’s going to be such a great evening.
    Have fun rehearsing-

  • Julie Mendoza

    Hi Amy,
    Was so happy to get the email this morning about the new website and then your message…thanks for always taking time for your fans :)
    I live in St. Louis, MO and am flying to Escondido, CA (San Diego) to see your show with my sister on Oct. 22nd…I can’t wait!
    I wanted to see if you could play “Say Once More” at that show…as I sing it to my little one year old son, Gabriel, every night when I put him to sleep (since he was born) and I know I will really be missing him that night! ha
    Thanks for sharing your music, your voice, your faith, your stories and your talent…you are like a little touch of Heaven down here :)
    Blessings, Julie

  • Cindy

    I’ve listened to you Amy since your very first record! I haven’t heard those reaaaallly old songs like “Grape, grape Joy” or “Giggle” in a really long time! Any old stuff is great…but would love to hear something off the first album. And, the good news is, I don’t think you did any screamin’ singing on that first album =). Also love “I’m gonna fly”.

  • Dr. Bill Klein

    Amy, you first introduced me to Christian music, and held me close to Christs heart throughout my college years, forming the Christian man I am today. I’ve waited for years to see a concert date in Florida, but have never seen one… If you’ve had one I’ve not been informed… when will you (if ever) come to Florida???
    Much Love
    p.s. we had “doubly blessed” as our post-communion meditation song at our wedding

  • Stacey

    …Trying to think of what to request…anything is WONDERFUL! I just want to sit and listen…it will be a vacation in itself!

  • Anita

    Hi Amy
    When are you coming to do a tour in the UK?
    I hope it’s soon!
    The last time I saw you in concert you announced you were pregnant with Sarah!
    Anita UK

  • Donna Lee

    Hi Amy,
    I first saw you live in 1982 at the outdoor pavillion in Concord, California. Benny Hester opened for you. I drove up from San Diego with my friend Judy from High School. I have been a fan ever since. I look forward to the new Christmas album. I have all the others and every year I enjoy listening to them.
    Thank you for your gift of music.

  • Terri

    How excited I am to see you tour again, I only wish I could attend one of your shows!
    I started listening to you when you first started out. Your music got me through so many trials being a young person and when I thought my life couldn’t get any worse, your song “Raining on the Inside” off the Age to Age Album got me through and helped me find my way back.
    You have such a blessed gift and how wonderful that you share it with all of us…
    God Bless and have a wonderful tour!

  • Connie

    My sister and I will be attending your concert on Oct 25th, just like we did in Orange County, CA so many years ago! Your music, light and example through these past 20+ years have helped both of us get through a lot of the same trials you were going through. Often we felt like you were singing a song written about us too! We would like to hear “All I Ever Have to Be” and “Somewhere Down The Road”, even though I know they weren’t from the LMO tour. I remember you, Michael and Gary singing “Friends” and that has always been one of my many favorites. God bless you for sharing your life with us in so many ways.

  • Steve Taliaferro

    I would love to hear “1974” and “Love of Another Kind.” Also, I have a question: I was at a show of the Lead Me On Tour in Fort Worth in March of 1989. They filmed that show for a concert video but I never saw anything about that video being released. What happened to it? Is there anyway to get that on DVD (or even VHS)? I would LOVE to have the video of that show. It was my absolute favorite of the many shows of yours I have attended. Thanks. See you in The Woodlands.

  • Deb

    Hey Amy!!!!! I’ll be seeing you in Irvine. Haven’t been able to see you since your Behind the Eyes tour. I would love to hear All I Ever Have To Be, Everywhere I Go, And El Shaddai. Even though this song is past 1988 I humbly request you sing Ask Me. It saved my life and continues to contribute to my healing. Amy… I don’t know that I’ll ever have the opprtunity to meet you but let me just say….thank you for your authenticity. Thank you for sharing your gift. I love you like a sister in Christ and always keep you, Vince, and your children in prayer. God Bless you Amy…DEB

  • David Gordon Schmidt

    Wish you were coming to the eastern half of Michigan. I’ll truck on out to Grand Rapids.
    You did Doubly Good to You back a few years ago in concert. It was mellower than the original recording…hoping to hear it again. Love the piano arpeggio wandering up at the close.
    You and your music are really wonderful.

  • Brevard

    Sharayah — hands down. Actually the LMO tour isn’t coming to Atlanta so maybe you can sneak it in the Christmas tour : ) ? I actually stumbled across some old paper FOA newsletters from the 80’s that I think were photocopies or perhaps even mimeograph — wow, I’ve been a fan for a long time. Also, I second earlier vote for “O Little Town” — I remember you singing that at Six Flags when you were pregnant with Matt and asked us all to get out our car keys to make jingle bells. I still get a kick out of trying to sing “O Little Town” every Christmas with the church choir in the background — the tempo never works, but it makes me smile :)
    Thanks for touring — we’ve missed you!

  • Luciano Santos

    Olá Amy,
    Meu nome é Luciano Santos, moro no Brasil e gosto muito de suas canções e de seu jeito de ser, parabenizo pela linda Coletânia de Natal.
    Jesus continue te abençoando.

  • lori

    Since the LMO tour will not be in NC, I will take advantage of the Christmas tour in Charlotte. I, (now being 46) am one of the fans from the very beginning of your career. I have had the opportunity to meet you a couple times throughout the years and I so appreciate your kindness to the many people who are there before and after your shows. I am thrilled to be bringing my 5 year old daughter to the Christmas show since I was able to do the same with her older brothers several years ago. My all time favorite Christmas songs, since I can’t choose only one, are Emmanuel and Breath of Heaven and I hope to hear them at the Christmas show. Thanks for all the good music and memories through the years!!
    I still have the first Christmas album (yes, vinyl album) that you autographed for me many years ago and get many comments on it since it is hanging in my office.
    Lori in NC

  • Beth

    Doubly Good

  • Dayle Edwards

    HI Amy,
    I can’t wait to see you in Morristown, NJ for the LMO reunion tour. This will be my husband’s first time seeing you in concert!
    I would love to hear “All Right”. Lead Me On is my favorite of your albums. Lead Me On is my favorite song but I know you’ll do that one! See you in November.

  • Bill

    It’s been quite a while since you’ve sung “Doubly Good To You” in concert…

  • Lisa

    Hi Amy,
    I met your hubby,Vince, once at your concert by accident. It’s quite a story. You were playing at a church in Orange County and we had to park in the back by your buses. The line to get in was forever long and it was a chilly night. My daughter, she was 7 at the time, forgot her jacket in the car. I walked her back to the car all the while lecturing her about her forgetfulness, as mothers do, when we turned the corner and there was Vince. I am a huge country fan too and I have listened to Vince long before your duet on your album together(House of Love). Anyway, we approached him and I thought I would cleverly use my daughter as the reason for an autograph. As we started talking I asked for his autograph; however, in my excitement, I forgot that I didn’t have a pen or paper on me. So I told him that it was in my car a few yards away and that I would be right back. He’s so cool. He said he’d walk with us to my car. So we chatted about golf, since I know you two are big golfers and I told him that my brother works at Calloway in Carlsbad. So, needless to say, he gave me his signature and we were on our way. He’s a very nice, genuine, and very tall guy!! Your concert was awesome by the way and hopefully one day, I will get a chance to meet you. You’ve been an inspiration to me for 22 years and your songs speak volumes to me. I’ll see you in Escondido on Oct. 22.
    God bless,

  • mke buck

    Hi Amy, Never had the chance to meet you,but how nice to at least receive the oppertunity to write to you and at least you can read what we say as fans. It is just not as fun on the other end of it not knowing the thoughts you have as you read all the comments or to see expressions you may have however that is why we have imaginations. I have been a fan for over 28 years. I alway’s have a cd of yours in my car. I really like the live album you did. My wife and I cannot stop listening to that album. It is funny to see my daughter sit in the back seat singing her heart out at 2 years old she knows at least 3 songs off that album alone . My son who is 1 just started shaking himself to the music in his car seat. It’s fun to watch them grow. Anyway , I would like to here 1974 as well as others I have read above. Accoring to the sound of the original album it sounds like you did voice over in the recording process as it sound like you did the harmony to that song . I would like to see a live version to that. Another song of choice would be Im gonna fly or angels from straight Ahead. You make it hard all the songs you have done are great. They are all a number 1 favorite to me. I was thinking to myself .I wonder if you ever had forgotten any of the lyrics to some of the songs you have not sang in such a while. Probley not. I would like to thank you for how you have impacted so many peoples lives thru your music. I also would like to say you are as young as you feel. I would like to see you as energized for the lead me on tour coming up . My wife and I will be attending the show in hershey pa. I have attended at least 15 concerts thu the years that I can Remember. I have yet to get that picture or autographed cd but my life is not yet over. Amy your awesome, Do not stop doing what your doing even as time goes by and even if your crowds reduced to the number of 50 I would be their in the front row .Hopefully by then I would be able to get a front row seat .I have tried. seat 1000,00 will do . Hey take care mike

  • julia

    “i love you deeper than i’ve ever dreamed of I need you…” this song comes to my heart all the time! when I am with my sweet nephew who overwhelms my heart and spirit with the awesomeness of God I see in him… I sing this to him. he knows it and responds…. thanks!

  • Elsa Terry

    My sister is trying to get me to come out to Phx to see you for the LMO tour. We’ve followed your music ever since we were teenagers back in the ’70s. My mom gave me your first “Amy” album from her Word Music “grab bag” purchase (remember those days??). I played it non-stop. I also had the privilege of getting to meet you at the Christian Music artist seminar in Estes Park – early 80’s maybe? You’re still as genuine as you were back then.
    I would LOVE to hear tunes from the early days – What about “What a Difference You Made”, “Keep It On Going”, “Faith Walkin’ People”, “Mountain Top”, or how about “Mimi’s House”? What can I say? I’d just love to hear them all! What great memories!

  • Rosemaryfoa

    I’ve always thought ‘Fat Baby’ was a fun song

  • Cheryl

    I love the new website design and blogs, and am really looking forward to seeing you in Prior Lake, MN! I first saw you at the “Straight Ahead” concert as a 17 year old and have been a HUGE fan ever since. Now, my 12 y.o. daughter is a fan and likes to listen to your music at bedtime. We have seen you in concert 7 times, and it never seems to be enough. Thanks for continuing to share your gift with all of us through these many years. I just cannot believe how time flies!
    I would love to hear:
    El Shaddai (it is my 12 year old’s favorite song besides “Happy” and I am bringing her to the concert),
    Thy Word,
    and “Doubly Good to You”.
    The latter two were sung at our wedding had have a special meaning for my husband and me.

  • wayne allen

    Amy, I remember you opened the lead me on tour back in 1988 in the fall of october! You opened with “love of another kind”, “wait for the healing”, “everywhere i go”, “saved by love”, “1974”, alot of others too after them! Let me try and find the list, i will send them! Thanx, wayne allen

  • Laurel

    you are definately NOT a screamer – not then and not now!
    have loved your singing since i was 16 years old – and still do.
    my now 21 year old daughter is a fan as well – could that be that she was within me during the straight ahead concert???? 😉
    you made my day at “Creation 08″ this year being the guest singer. we moved to pa last year and you were so close last november but i couldnt swing a ticket to the concert.
    have a great tour and i hope to make a PA concert!

  • Cissa

    Grace and Peace Amy!
    I am from Brazil and i know your music when i meet Jesus im my life in 1998! And i was only listen secular music, and your song was one of the first ones gospel music that i listen.
    I have some cds, i love your voice.
    When you came to Brazil?
    God bless you. Thanks!

  • Eric and Beckie

    Hi Amy,
    My wife and I met you while we were cruising on the high seas in May. We spoke for a moment in that wildly decorated disco room…hahaha. Hope Vince’s back is better and no matter what you all sing we will be praying that lives are changed and God gets the glory. The days are dark and the spirit of people is failing….you have a tremendous opportunity to show them life. We will be praying for you all as you prepare and as you go on the road. We will be, Lord willing, at one of your concerts up here in New England. Not sure which one yet as we have to look at our schedules. Hope to be able to meet and chat again in the future. Funny thing is I remember the song “Amy” from Pure Prairie League so many years ago. I also remember all yours as I become a Christian in 1988. The LORD is doing a work through you two and we know that no matter how good it gets or how rough it gets we are but instruments in the hands of the Master.
    God bless,
    Eric and Beckie

  • Eric and Beckie

    Lol……I was just thinking about what I typed and realized that it was July we met. I was in Rwanda, Africa in May so my mind is not settled yet. Have a wonderful week.
    God Bless,
    Eric and Beckie

  • Carolyn

    Hi Amy
    You are such a blessing and have been in my life since 85 We saw you in Jones Beach back then and I still remember it we also saw you with the House of Love tour in Radio City and the Christmas tour at Nassau Coliseum when will you be returning to NY we miss you
    Love all your fans in NY

  • James Moore

    Dear Amy,Other than the fact that you are an amazing person,we miss you here in Tulsa.(at least I do)I wanted to say thank you so much for your songs throughout my life.My mother turned me on to you as a child in 1981 and know its 2008,without your music I dont think I would have made it this far.Thank you so much for bringing me out of the lowest of lows,you are a real inspiration. Thank you,James moore

  • Travis Doucette

    Amy –
    I think it would be wild to re-arrange “Old Man’s Rubble” or “Beautiful Music” or even a toned down acoustic version of “Brand New Start” . . . as old and perhaps ‘cheezy’ some may find those, there is such a honesty in those tunes. And boy oh boy, that really would be reaching back into the cobwebs of time 😉

  • Lias

    Hey Amy! Please come back to Louisville soon! Your concert with the Louisville Orchestra was amazing – thanks for many great years of music and nspiration!

  • Beth

    For your set list: Father’s Eyes, Angels, I’m Gonna Fly, that wonderful piano introduction to Sing Your Praise… (which inspired me to learn the original fugue), and of course the best song you ever wrote, Lead Me On!
    I saw you in Boston summer of ’89 on the first Lead Me On tour! And I’ve been a fan ever since one Christmas in the mid 80’s, decorating my brother’s tree, listening to his copy of your first Christmas album.

  • George

    Hi Amy. I have been a fan of yours since the early 1980’s, when I was a teenager. Oh how the years go by!!! Anyway, Lead Me On has meant so much to me during this 20 years. When I feel like I cannot carry on, during the hard times, I have cried out to God through that song and been strengthened. I have lived in Austin, TX for 25 years, and have seen you in concert every time you came. PLEASE come to Austin Amy!!!! We love you here too. I pray that God continues to use your tremendous talent that has changed so many lives-

  • Sandra

    Looking forward to the Phoenix concert on Oct. 16th and would love it if you would sing “Love of Another Kind” (sure it’s already on the list, but had to ask!) I am 42 years old now and this song holds a lot of memories for me. Thank you and God bless!

  • Susie

    First, let me thank you for the way you communicate life, love and the faith walk. Your music has always been such a gift-it opens up my heart somehow.
    My husband and two beautiful daughters will make the 2 hour drive to see and hear you in Bakersfield. The timing is so perfect….a few days after my birthday and a break in treatments for breast cancer.
    Wow, how to pick a tune… many that just help me breathe in simple but hard truth, the amazing commitment and love of my husband and family….. All Right, Say Once More, If These Walls Could Speak…..
    Just sing Amy, sing your heart please.
    God’s peace and a very grateful,
    l Susie Huebner

  • Grace

    Hi Amy!
    I have been listening to you since I was 14 – am 37 now! Man, how time flies – your music helped me to know God as a teenager and I will always treasure you and the way you made God so real to me.
    I don’t remember if you have ever played Love Can Do live, but it has always been one of my favorites. I am SO looking forward to this tour and seeing you in Upper Darby, PA!
    Many Blessings to you! :)

  • Mindy

    Hi Amy! I am so praising God for this tour and am excited to see you in MN. I was a senior in HS when the first one rolled into town and was there loving every nano second with my big hair, stretch pants and blazer…sound familiar??? It’s hard to narrow down my requests from all those great songs that were such a huge part of my life! Of course anything from LMO would be wonderful but it would also be a goosebump trip to hear- You were There, Jehova,Arms of Love, The Now and the Not Yet, Where do you hide your heart, Raining on the Inside or Straight Ahead. Thanks again for all the honesty and beautiful music through the years!!

  • lpvmusic

    Hi Amy,
    What a thrill to see and hear you sings these songs and relive this era of music that has made a huge impact on so many lives including myself. “We were young…” I was 22 when LMO was released and this CD has been a lifeline to me in seasons of change of my life. I’m looking forward to revisting these songs as well as your set list in Visalia, Bakersfield, and of course Modesto, CA!
    I’ve been listening to your music since Age to Age. And this Granthead has seen so many tours.
    I would be honored to hear some old and rare songs I haven’t heard in a long time and some I’ve never seen you perform on stage at all. Have a fabulous time on tour. I’ll be outta my seat dancing with you Amy! Peace and Grace, -Lionel
    Song requests:
    1. Open Arms – Straight Ahead
    2. Fight – Unguarded
    3. The Prodigal – Unguarded
    4. I Love You – Unguarded
    5. Wise Up – Unguarded
    6. Love Can Do – The Collection
    7. All Right – Lead Me On
    8. Shadows – Lead Me On
    9. Sure Enough – Lead Me On
    10.1974 – Lead Me On

  • Lorali

    Amy- Like many of the others that have posted here, your music has made a huge difference in my life. First getting me through a rough time in my late teens and early 20’s with Age to Age. Then in December of 1992 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. When I got in the car after the Dr’s office I turned on my cassette player to hear you sing “That’s What Love is For” It inspired me to bring your tapes to my Chemo sessions…. my thought has always been, you can’t be depressed listening to Amy Grant music…. and so, I never was.. I’m happy to report that all cancer is gone and I am a 15 year survivor. I’ll be at the October concert in Escondido, Ca . . . . since you asked for requests for songs before 1988, would you sing “Find A Way” from Unguarded? It would mean sooo very much to hear that song again…. I can’t wait! We’re going to see Vince at the same venue a week later, wish you were going to be there too, but I see you’ll be in the Northwest then :(
    Once again, thank you for your gift of songwriting and singing but most of all for sharing it with all of us…… in a word, you ROCK! :)

  • Bill

    My wife and I both appreciate “Say Once More” and had it played romantically by a saxophone player at our wedding 18 years ago.
    Looking forward to seeing you again in Redmond, WA on 10/28! It’s somewhere near my 40th show and close to 20 for her.

  • Janet

    Hi Amy,
    Please do “Sharayah.” I named my daughter that and she may be with me this year to see you in Redmond Wa. I saw you in 2006 at the Chateau St. Michelle and handed you a rose. This year I’m hoping for the chance to meet you!!
    BTW, It just isn’t Christmas without your music playing !!

  • Renee

    Ever since I received “The Collection” (at the age of 8) from my grandparents for Christmas back in 1986, I have been hooked on everything Amy. I think it would be awesome if you could toss in the “Ageless Medley” for your tour–it sums up so many inspirational songs that many fans may love to hear.

  • Christine

    Hi Amy:
    Thanks so much for all the music that you write. I will be attending the Visalia and Modesto CA. Concerts.
    For the request slip, If you can find it in your heart, I would like to suggest the song:
    This song is off of your Fathers Eyes Sound Track. That is the song that brought me back to life. I would not be here if it wasn’t for you and your music. This song is the one that was playing when I was a young teenager just like yourself, and someone let me borrow their tape. Yes! Tape. Long before the wonderful technology of CD’s. I have had the privilege of meeting you while you were touring the Unguarded Tour, and have had the opportunity to stay in touch with you ever since. Thanks so much for your kindness and the way that you eased my pain so many years ago.

  • Christine

    Hi Amy:
    OOPS forgot to tell you who I was for the request for NEVER GIVE YOU UP. OFF OF FATHERS EYES SOUND TRACK.
    Always in Christ
    Christine, Atwater CA.

  • Carol Goodman

    Amy, you and I are the same age (within a month) and I have followed your music and life since 1985. I wish I could’ve had your music around to listen to back when I was a teenager for faith and inspiration. I enjoyed Mosaic — it was fascinating.
    I was ecstatic to see you are playing Wendover NV 10/25. It’s a cute little desert town and a great venue. I’ll be waving from the front row. Want to go dune-buggying on BLM land?

  • Kristi

    Your music has helped me weather many storms in my life…”Arms of Love” was the first to do so when I was in high school (I even made a painting based on it) and I would love to hear it here in Phoenix.

  • Melissa

    Hello Amy,
    I am so thrilled that you are coming my way again. I saw your House of Love tour in Yakima in 1995 and was able to see you again in Goldendale 3 years ago. Thanks for encouraging my son to keep up with his saxophone during the sound check in Goldendale. He was 14 at the time. He is a senior now (17 1/2 !!) and music is still a huge part of his life. I am going to the Redmond concert in Oct. I can’t wait to hear all of the early years music. Fathers Eyes, Arms of Love, Lead Me On, In A Little While (the first Amy song I ever heard, btw. and I was hooked.) All I Ever Have To Be (this song helped my through my 14th year which was filled with the self-induced stress of being a disorganized perfectionist and emotional family issues, thanks.) and Faithless Heart (because I have never heard a song before that put into words feelings that I couldn’t even bring myself to verbalize at the time, that was such a brave song and I, for one, appreciated it.) I would love to hear Baby, Baby (I know is not 1988, but my son was born in 1991 as a new mom, I played it over and over 😉 You know, it has seemed to me that through every event in my life (growing up, finding my faith, getting married, having a son, getting divorced, starting over, renewing my commitment to my faith) your albums seem to have reflected events in my own life and have helped me gain perspective when it seemed no one else understood because those that love you are sometimes too close to the situation to really listen enough to help you through it. (I thought I would wear out my Behind the Eyes CD in 1998-1999.) Thank you so much for your faith, courage, commitment to your fans and compassion for others. Your music is poety to me. God Bless you and your family…Melissa

  • Rachel (WI)

    Amy, if you get to read this
    I want to thank you for being there for me through my speakers and headphones. You have blessed my life through your music so much and I want to thank you for that.I will hopefully be coming to the LMO concert in Prior Lake MN if my family can come up with the money.I’ve seen you in concert twice at the MN state fair in 2006 and 2007 and you were amazing!!I especially loved the tour you did with Vince and Del McCoury last summer!I would love it if you could sing I have decided and/or All I ever have to be at that concert.Those two songs have such a powerful meaning for me right now in my life.May God continued to bless you,Vince and your family and good luck on tour!
    P.S. Please tell Vince I’m happy he’s feeling better!



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