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Posted on: September 10th, 2008 by Amy Grant 130 Comments

One month and five days until we fly to Phoenix to start the Lead Me On tour.
Time to start getting my voice back in shape.
I listen to those old concert recordings and think. Who is that screamer?
So if you pass me in traffic and I’m singing my head off, no laughing.
Any requests for songs to be included in set list welcomed.
Must be from 1988 or earlier.
Be well.

  • Stephen Salter

    Hi Amy,
    My name is Steve and I am from Glendora, New Jersey (20 mins from Philly). First, hope all is well with you, Vince, and the kids. Second, I like the new look of the site. Last, my request, I saw on another FOA member’s website that you did a medley with Little Town and Emmanuel for the first LMO tour. “A Christmas Album” came out the year before I was born and there hasn’t been a Christmas that I haven’t listened to it and they are my favorite songs on it. I was wondering if you would repeat that performance at this LMO tour. If you can only do one, then “Emmanuel” would be fine.
    I hope the tour goes well and you have an even better time then the first. Can’t wait to see you at the Tower Theatre (last show–makes me even more excited–don’t know why.)
    Thank You and God Bless You and your Gift!!
    Stephen Salter

  • gilberto (Brazil)

    hi !
    I speack portuguese….
    I loved your song…
    I understand more or less
    thank GOD for you…

  • Maggie Copeland

    Dear Amy,
    I’ve listened to your music since 1982,,,and have loved all of it !! I was wondering if you might be coming near Dayton, OH during the Lead Me On tour? I’ve been to about 6 of your concerts, and always plan to see your concert if you are near Dayton ! I have also recruited a “teacher following” to the concerts !(Been teaching elementary P.E. for 21 years) I pray for your tour to be uplifting for all,,,and that your family continues to be well and healthy……….
    Maggie Copeland

  • AJ Fankhauser

    Hi Amy! I’ve been a huge fan of yours since Age to Age. Even though I live in Denver, I’m flying out to see your Lead Me On concert in Irvine, CA. I am so excited! Lead Me On and Unguarded are my favorite albums. I love Sharayah and Sure Enough from each album if I had to pick songs I’d like to hear at the concert. Take care and I can’t wait to see you!!!

  • Walter Stinson

    Hi Amy,
    I remember the original Lead Me On Tour so well. Amazing how quickly time passes. Please consider doing the original set list from that tour. Thanks for all you and Vince do to help the Nashville community. Most of all, I am still thankful for your being such a great listener when I was still in school. : )

  • Levi Walker

    Yo Amy!
    I was singing El Shaddai when I was a tiny boy! You are the reason that I ever started singing and I’ve had a pretty successful career over the past 20 years.
    I’ve wanted to meet you for soooo long because you had so much to do with my childhood, growing up and quite possibly the only link I had to the Lord for many many years. Even as a small child your music spoke to me and helped create and foster my relationship with the Lord, Thank you. I’m now a worship leader and i’ve lead worship at churches all over the country, at The Dream Center and now for Christian City Church in LA.
    I’m also a photographer and would love the opportunity to shoot for some of your promotional photos. I’m in LA, but I’d make just about anything to shoot you. check out and let me know if you would like to talk to me.
    this seems like and easy way to get ahold of you.
    hope to hear from you soon
    Levi Walker

  • Jenny miner

    Good luck Amy and band i will be in the hospital having a baby Good luck to you all we love your music

  • Alicia Butler

    I love “All I Ever Have to Be.” Still one of my favorite songs. Can’t wait for the show. Blessings.

  • Melissa/Boura

    I started listening to Amy Grant as a young girl. I am now 35. First, for as long as I can remember, Christmas is only complete if I play Amy Grant’s Christmas music; it’s like a tradition. I also attended the first Lead Me On Tour, and can’t wait for #2. Although,I’m so shocked it has been 20 years already…damn!! This is so awesome. Please, Please play the first tour set of songs…that is a good idea!!

  • Daniel Salinas

    I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the release of “Lead Me On.” I consider it one of my favorite Amy Grant Albums. I was just listening to it and it still blows me away. I am not a Christian (not even close!), but I have been a fan of Amy since 1986. I love the music, lyrics, and the emotional honesty that permeates throughout. I always felt that Lead Me On was a major accomplishment for Amy, because it was her first cohesive statement. I have her other albums from before and they pale in comparison. She made a lot of great songs before as chronicled on “The Collection.” However, Lead Me On was her first album that was actually listenable from beginning to end. I got tuned into her through the collection album, which is also an amazing achievement. She worked her way up the Lead Me On. So, I want to thank Amy for “lead me on.” It really meant something to me.

  • doug

    I am from Northern Ireland and I will be flying out to see the Lead Me On tour as a 21st birthday present! Although I wasn’t aware of the music at the time, I now love all the songs before 1988…and after.
    I would like to request ‘All That I Need Is You’. I am such a huge fan and these songs have helped me through so much over the past few years. This one is my personal favourite at the moment and I would love to hear it live! can’t wait for the concert!

  • sarah

    It’s great to see other fans that are as young as I am. LMO was released the same year I was born yet even I have been incredibly blessed by the songs on the album. Can’t wait!!!! I am celebrating my bday as well at the concert. I jumped up and down when I read the beautiful words, “Soundcheck: Yes-time tba.”

  • Carla S

    I am looking forward to the Lead Me On tour. It’s hard to believe that its been 20 years already. It would be great to hear Love of Another Kind, Say Once More, Shadows,and Arms of Love live in concert.

  • Chris (Charlotte, NC)

    Requests? Okay, how ’bout “1974”. Love the song and I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard it live. Since’s it’s from LMO, I figure that now might be the time? My wife and I will be flying out to KC, MO, on 11/14 and joining two friends there to trek down to Branson for the show there on 11/15. So if you could slip this one into the setlist on Nov. 15, I’d really appreciate it! :-)

  • Sam

    I was so sad to see that you won’t be coming to Dallas for the LMO tour!! You came here for the original tour and hope you can squeeze us in! We always come out in droves by the thousands for you. Please come to Dallas.

  • Ron

    Hey Amy. I’d like to hear 1974, Shadows, Sure Enough. Thanks.

  • christine downey

    i love ya amy. your the best, my favorite forever.god bless ya. take care!

  • Christian in Crisis

    Amy, I first saw you when you were in jeans and a t-shirt with just a guitar. Yours was the first Christian album I ever bought. I’ve seen your journey, wondered what happened, judged you, struggled with what to believe; now I think I understand the pain. Why did you write Faithless Heart? Do you feel you did the right thing?

  • Aaron

    Hi Amy,
    I would love to hear “1974” since, if memory serves correctly, it was one of the songs from the Lead Me On album that wasn’t included in the original set list, at least for the show in Portland. Anything from Unguarded would be great too. I’m a big fan of “Sharayah”, “Love of Another Kind” and “I Love You”. Due to a request, you performed “Sharayah” at the Gorge Amphitheater near Portland, Oregon a few summers ago and it was GREAT!
    I’m so thankful for the upcoming tour, it should be great fun!

  • Rigo

    I was 12 years old when my cousin came home from Southwestern College in Texas with a cassette copy of this new artist that she had seen live. I listened to Giggle and was hooked. I saw you in Boise, ID, with the Unguarded Tour in 1986, Austin, TX, with Lead Me On in 1988, Park City, UT, again with Lead Me On in 1989, Nashville and Memphis with House Of Love in 1995 as well as several special engagements while living in Nashville. (Sam’s Place, 4th Of July Celebration, Christmas Tour at the Opry House, 12th & Porter, and my favorite was eating at Sunset Grille at a table across from you, Gary, and Vince after the Christmas show) Your music has been a part of my life for so many years that my friends tease me about it. I appreciate that through your music you showed me that it was ok to question who God is and what place He should have in my life even when I made mistakes and wasn’t sure if He was really there even though I had grown up in church doing the right thing. I can’t wait to see the LMO tour in NJ in November. I know that you probably have your set list already but All I Ever Have To Be has got to be my favorite song and would love to hear it. Thank you for sharing your gift with us for so long. I thank God for you and your music. -Rigo

  • carla

    dear AMY this carla i am nont sure how to tell you this your music saved my life i was lwten to one of your songs and did not cut myself that day i thought about meeting my friend amy was a blessing and love my life now thank u being my frend i am so happy now i have great foter family they just got me a weelchair van GOD is so good that day i met you were so kind to me i want you to know i grow up to all your music you are my hero i am gld you are happy with vince now can you please sing the once more i love that song i hope you like pics i made for you that dash gave you well talk to soon please keep me in your payers love carla

  • Heather

    Hi Amy,
    When I was a young girl, my parents introduced me to the Find a Way video on VH1 and I’ve been a fan ever since. At that time, I did not have a church home or youth group and attribute your music to helping me through those tough teenage/high school years. Lead Me On is a great album, but I’m still partial to Unguarded. I am from St. Louis and will be going to the show in Branson. My song request is “Love of Another Kind” because for me, that song really says it all. Also, I have always enjoyed your Christmas concerts and was thrilled to see STL on the tentative schedule for this year’s tour. Sadly, I will be out of town that day, but should you decide to treat us to a little preview, I would request the song “God Is With Us” from the Gloria compilation CD.
    Thank you for doing this reunion tour and allowing us to relive these memories. I look forward to the show.

  • Karen Daniels

    Hi! I’m not sure if this one is from before ’88, but one of the most poignant songs for me is “Tell Me”. It is reminicent of my life but also is a reminder of how far I’ve grown. It’s amazing how one small traumatic piece of one’s life can flavor so many other parts and for SO long. I now celebrate the good times and the struggles. Because of them, I have a faith and an insight that exceeds anything I could ever have imagined. One of those struggles was my stage 4 cancer that I went through and as you know, you were a great help during that time. I can’t believe it, but it’s been five years since I was diagnosed on 9/11/03 and I am thankful for every day. Amy, I think of you often and I really hope I can make it to one of your concerts this year! God Bless You! Karen

  • Colleen

    Hey Amy Good luck with the show. I won’t be able to make the trek to Phoenix. How bout doing a show in Tucson in the future? Phoenix gets all the good ones ;).
    I have a suggestion for the main website: The font is very, very hard to read as it’s too dark. I love the design but if the webmaster could change the font to a whiter shade, it would gain many more fans. Particularly older ones with older eyes!

  • Carol

    I will be at your concert in Morristown NJ. I always loved the Grape song. It was my Youth pastors favorite song to play with the kids.

  • jacartist

    Hi Amy! I am so excited you are coming back to Phoenix! I cannot wait until the concert. See you there!

  • Kyann

    I’m really excited that you will be beginning your tour here in Phoenix. I saw you three years ago at the Celebrity Theater and I was very impressed with the show. I know that this one will be just as well-performed and inspirational. I’m looking forward to it!
    Just as a note: it would be fun to hear some music from your Christmas albums. (Yes, I realize that it will be October!)

  • Babylyne Isa

    Aloha Amy,
    On my 14th birthday I received a precious gift. It was a copy of your greatest hits album “The Collection”. I had never heard of you or your music before that. I was suicidal back then and I am so thankful and grateful for that gift of your music. I listened to the whole album – and with tears streaming down my face I felt the crushing pressure of my suicidal ideations dissipate. The songs that especially touched me were: All I Ever Have to Be, Father’s Eyes, In A Little While, El Shaddai, Where Do You Hide Your Heart and the medley that is the last song on the album (that songs makes me feel so full of life and hope) – I’m 35 now and I still hold that particular album close to my heart. Whenever I’m feeling low or at my whit’s end, I play the whole album and it helps remind me of who I am and where I’m going. Thank you. I can’t wait to see you in AZ.

  • BarryG

    Hi Amy,
    Thank you for taking requests for your upcoming LMO Reunion Tour! May I put “If I Have To Die” into the hat? I’d love to hear you sing that again.
    Blessings on you,

  • BarryG

    Hi Amy,
    Thank you for taking requests for your upcoming LMO Reunion Tour! May I put “If I Have To Die” into the hat? I’d love to hear you sing that again.
    Blessings on you,

  • Kate

    Wow where do I begin… have always been a part of my music choices. I am 33 and have always been your fan. It makes me laugh now to think I would always put on my Christmas list that I wanted your autograph or to meet you. I was convinced as a small child that somehow my parents could contact your manager and setup some amazing thing for me. Never got that or that electronic battleship game I wanted to bad. :) Anyways…..
    I’m Gonna Fly, So Glad, The Lord Has a Will are such simple songs but somehow have such great meaning. I enjoy them because somedays when I just can’t stand another minute of whatever is going on I will start to sing those songs in my head and God shows his presence to me. Thank you for all the work you have done and what a blessing you have been to me all these years. Take care.

  • Lorrie M

    I am really looking forward to the tour. Since I didn’t catch on until HIM in 1992 I never saw you perform live until 1995 for the HOL tour. I look forward to hearing songs from way back when. I also would love to hear “1974.” It is the perfect start to the album and it would be the perfect start to the concert. Good luck with the rehearsals.

  • Lorrie M

    I am really looking forward to the tour. Since I didn’t catch on until HIM in 1992 I never saw you perform live until 1995 for the HOL tour. I look forward to hearing songs from way back when. I also would love to hear “1974.” It is the perfect start to the album and it would be the perfect start to the concert. Good luck with the rehearsals.

  • Lorrie M

    I am really looking forward to the tour. Since I didn’t catch on until HIM in 1992 I never saw you perform live until 1995 for the HOL tour. I look forward to hearing songs from way back when. I also would love to hear “1974.” It is the perfect start to the album and it would be the perfect start to the concert. Good luck with the rehearsals.

  • Jenna Hagen

    Hi Amy!!
    I’ll be at your Phoenix show!! Would love to hear “If I have to die for you”. It’s such a powerful song, and gives me chills everytime I listen to it.
    Thanks! Jenna

  • Barry

    Hi Amy,
    Thank you for taking requests for your upcoming Lead Me On Reunion Tour. I would love to hear “If I Have To Die” again. That song resonates with me and seems to have come straight from your heart.
    See you in Greeneville, sister!

  • Aaron Wallace

    If you’re taking requests for pre-’88 songs, allow me to go way back to the beginning and request “Old Man’s Rubble”. It’s one of my all-time favorites from your catalog. I’m 23 now and I’ve grown up on your music — “Old Man’s Rubble” is the first song I can remember hearing and it had such a profound impact on me at such an early age. I’ve requested the song from you in person a couple of times and I’m hoping now that we have a concert focusing on the earlier days, I will finally get to hear it live! 😀 I know it’s old school, but hey, it made last year’s “Greatest Hits” cut, so surely that counts for something! I’ll be in the Greeneville, TN audience. Thanks!

  • Michelle

    Hi Amy,
    The LMO anniversary tour is so exciting! Unfortunately, Virginia is another location from the original LMO tour that has not been included in the anniversary tour. While you’re squeezing Dallas in, would you please squeeze us in, too? If you can’t, maybe a date on this year’s Christmas tour? If you need some help getting your voice back in shape, I’ve got some good exercises I could teach you, courtesy of my amazing voice teacher! If I see you in traffic singing your head off, I won’t laugh, if you won’t laugh at me – I do the same thing!
    Have a wonderful, safe tour!

  • Cheryl Zweitzig

    I have been a huge fan since 1982. I was never allowed to go to concerts when I lived at home. I am sooo incredibly excited you are coming to Hershey, PA. This is a dream come true for me, to see you sing and praise our Lord! Your music has been inspirational through many hardships in my life. Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for adding PA to your tour.
    In Christ’s Love,

  • Amy Capitola

    My father was the youth pastor of Soul’s Harbor (mpls) and when I was 8 he took the youth group to JESUS ’79. I think you were scheduled to sing, but had to cancel. As a 8 year old, seeing Dottie Rambo sing “Germs–The Invisibale Dog” saved my trip. Dottie used to come to our church all the time in the 70’s early 80’s, it was like nothing special (at the time of course). Man I was spoiled.
    My dad bought your debut album on that trip and the rest is history…to me anyway! I have no memories withOUT your music. OK, maybe EVIE but, after 1978 you’ve reigned supreme!
    I will be at the show in MN. ( I think I’ve been to over 20 concerts of yours) and Lead Me On has been the best album of all time. However, my favorite song of yours is LOVER OF MY SOUL…throw that one in will ya! Or you’re best impersonation of Dottie doing “GERMS” will have to do!

  • Faith

    Hi Amy,
    I will be at your Fort Worth concert and I would love to hear “Sharayah” and “Love of Another Kind”
    I can’t wait to get to see you perform again! Hope you are doing well. (:

  • Ana Lúcia

    Hi! Amy!I´m your fan from Brazil. I´d like to know if you have been in Brazil for a special show?. I wish you all the blessings of our God.

  • Ana Lúcia

    Hi! Amy i am your fan from Brazil! I wonder if you have been here? I wish you all the blessings of our God. I love all your songs.

  • marcelle costa

    requests? If I could be there: SHADOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUT i’M IN BRAZIL.

  • marcelle costa


  • christine downey

    hi amy, do you think you might come to bossier city, would be great to se you again. i haven’t seen you since 02or03. i love ya. i’am a big fan thats forever. love christine downey

  • Kim

    Hi Amy,
    Just wanted to say Hi! Love your new site. Really cute!! Glad that you decided to blog. Love Love your music… been a big fan forever! God bless your new tour and be safe. Kim

  • elizabeth gonzalez

    Hi amy my name is elizabeth gonzalez: Iam 38 yrs old and became a fan when i was 12. One of the ladies at the church will play your songs on her harp. I remeber running to the christian book store and buying my first little record. i have gone thru records, tapes and cd;s of your music and iam a big fan. my first concert was in 1984 i was 14 and went with a group of girls. i remember night of joy in 1984 or 85 when you sang at the castle. i have been at many of your concerts and finally met you in 92 when i waited by your tour bus at a west palm beach concert in florida then finally made 2 lines at women of faith in ft lauderdale florida to officially meet you. i want to thank you for your music and making a big difference in my life when i was done i always had your music to brighten my days thanks you very much again elizabeth gonzalez

  • Michael

    In my opinion, LMO is one of Amy’s best projects to date so I’d love to hear most songs from the album. I also love “All I Ever Have to Be” (I think it was mentioned by someone else also). In addition…any new songs are ALWAYS appreciated!

  • Nolan Brooks

    Hey beautiful! So, the Oct 28 concert in Redmond, Washington will be my first ever Amy concert, and I’ve been an avid fan of yours since the Age to Age album! So excited, I can hardly stand it!!
    Anyhow, please make sure you include 1974 on your set list. It would be awesome if you could also include classics like Wise Up, Love Will Find A Way, Stay For A While, or I Have Decided. Have I already said that I’m so excited?!
    Thanks so much for giving us fans an opportunity to request songs – you’re amazing! LEAD US ON 20 MORE YEARS AMY!



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