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Posted on: September 10th, 2008 by Amy Grant 130 Comments

One month and five days until we fly to Phoenix to start the Lead Me On tour.
Time to start getting my voice back in shape.
I listen to those old concert recordings and think. Who is that screamer?
So if you pass me in traffic and I’m singing my head off, no laughing.
Any requests for songs to be included in set list welcomed.
Must be from 1988 or earlier.
Be well.

  • Glenn Taylor

    I’ll probably never meet you in person though I’ve always wanted to for this reason… I’ve always wanted you to know that I prayed for you EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year 1985. Sometimes short prayers, sometimes I really prayed hard. I’ve never considered myself a big “pray-er” but I made a commitment that year to do it and I did it. I was a senior in High School that year in the little town of Hamilton Montana. Hope it helped! :) God only knows why He asked me to do it! Now I live with my wife & kids in WA state.
    In response to your pre-1988 song question… These are the top 10 songs that you sang that I loved to stick in my cassette player
    1. The Now and the Not Yet
    2. Say Once More
    3. Sure Enough
    4. It’s Not a Song
    5. All I Ever Have to Be
    6. Lead Me On (of course)
    7. Saved By Love
    8. Stepping in Your Shoes
    9. Who to Listen To
    10. Grape Grape Joy ( I’M KIDDING!! )

  • Kelley Lints

    Hi Amy – I can’t wait for the Lead Me On tour. It’s my absolute favorite album!!!!! I am going to see you in Modesto. That is the closest you are coming to Sacramento. How come you aren’t coming to Sacramento? You once said in a concert here that you loved our city because of all the trees. Anyway – I would drive anywhere to see you so it doesn’t matter – you are my hero – musically and in life. You said that we could make requests for the song list – I have a request – you might already have planned to do it, but I love the song “Say Once More” – the one from the Lead Me On album – although I like the other song by that name too. Love ya Amy.

  • Cynthia, FL

    I would request all of your songs, they are all great and I like them all. But, that’s a lot. I think you should do all the songs off the “Lead Me On” album since it is a LMO tour. I really like your song “Look What Has Happened to Me”. :)
    I can’t wait for the concert in The Woodlands, TX.

  • Annie

    Any hope for hearing “I’m Gonna Fly” again live? “Even if I am the only one……” Have fun with the ‘ol Lead Me On Crew! Annie

  • Julie

    Hi Amy-
    My sister and I live in Nebraska and are going down to see the Wichita “Lead Me On” show on Nov 16. I am so excited to see this as we did not get to see it the first time. If I could make a few requests, they would be: “Sing Your Praise To The Lord”, “Jehovah”, “The Now and the Not Yet”, “Thy Word”, “Love of Another Kind” and “Find A Way”. I could go on and on…but I will limit it to these few. :) Thank you so much for doing this tour, what fun for us to see it, but also I can only imagine how fun it will be for you and your dear friends to get back together again! It’s amazing how God brings us all full circle sometimes. Looking forward to seeing you in Wichita!!
    God Bless you Always,
    Lincoln, NE

  • Heidi Smith

    Amy girl!
    I could write a book about your enormous influence in my life. It sounds so cheesy, so “fan-like” but no other words could calm my young crazy thoughts like yours. I was 16 years old 20 years ago, and Lead Me On is still my favorite album. I have worn out more cassettes and CD’s of that album than any other.
    I would also LOVE to hear “1974” in your song set. I have never heard you sing that one live and it’s message is so timely. “We were young, and none of us knew quite what to say…..”
    Looking forward to seeing you in Prior Lake, MN.

  • Jacob Dunlap

    “All I ever have to be”

  • Shannon Bain

    Hey! I saw you do a show in PA last year and you took a request to do “Find A Way” that you hadn’t done in ages and it had held up amazingly! Please include that and “Love Of Another Kind”…love that song!! I remember you did a bit during the Heart In Motion tour where you pulled the leopard jacket out of a trunk, and dusted it off and put in on for an unguarded set–DO THAT AGAIN!!! Can’t wait for the tour!!!

  • Tim

    Wow! Favourites from ’88 and before eh? If I could choose say 10 songs to be played at some point on this tour, they’d include the following (no particular order). Thanks for your continued ministry Amy. God bless you, I’m praying for you. Hey, come to Canada soon okay? : )
    Thy Word / All I Ever Have To Be / 1974 / If These Walls Could Speak / Lead Me On / We Believe In God / Lover Of My Soul / O Sacred Head / El Shaddai / Psalm 104

  • Renne Jenkins

    Hi Amy. Wow long time no see. Steven, the girls and I don’t live in franklin anymore. we moved to Anchorage, Alaska about 8-9 yrs ago. The girls, if you remember, Emily, caty, and Chelsea are great and still the loves of my life. Emily is in college at the univ of Alaska, Caty is a senior and Chelsea is a freshman in H.S. Steven is no longer having a problem with drugs of any sort, which is what drove us to Alaska. My mom and brothers live here. He is now working as a mud logger for Halliburton. Believe it or not he just returned from Saudi Arabia, where they needed some help on a oil rig. Anyway, i see that you are coming to Portland, and redmond, but not Alaska when you will be so close. We have family from TN coming up so we can’t leave town, to see you.Anchorage has some awesome concert venues, so please let management know we would love to see you here. take care, i hope the tour is successful beyond your wildest imagination. Love,
    Renne Schmoe-Jenkins

  • Lainey

    Hi Amy,
    I think it would be great if you were to pull together a group of your favorite songs by other artists (any genre, any decade) and do an album of covers. Would love to hear you sing your favorites!

  • Michael

    I have been a fan of yours since I was 8 years old, and I am now 32. I love everything youdo, although I wish you would come back to Seattle with your Christmas tour! I would love to hear the Ageless Medley when I come to see you in Renton at Overlake Christian Church.. Your rock!
    Take care and Safe travels!

  • Ryan

    ANGELS! Must have a fantastic arrangement of “Angels” like the original LMO tour! :) And Rock out on the opening of Lead Me On! That is one of the greatest and triumphant sounding intros of any song!

  • Janice

    I would love to hear Where Do You Hide Your Heart and What a Difference You’ve Made. So excited about you coming to Phoenix, Amy!

  • myszkin

    Oh boy… I would SO love to hear you live… which, probably, is impossible (or isn’t it? Are you planning any concerts in Poland? No? I thought so 😉 I can’t even get any of yours cd here :( ). But if there be time when you will play “Wise Up” or “Fight” you gotta know – there is someone in very very far land that is dancing to it like crazy 😉
    Really – your music helped me going through some rough times :)
    PS. Sorry about my english… I’m not world greatest in ANY language…

  • tacbrave

    If it’s not too late for song requests:
    * Arms of Love
    * Straight Ahead
    * That’s The Day
    * We Believe In God
    * All Right
    * Love Can Do
    * Jehovah
    * Fight
    * I’m Gonna Fly
    * LEAD ME ON (which I assume is a given)
    Looking forward to it, whatever songs Amy selects.

  • Kathy Farmer

    Hi! I love “All I Ever Have To Be”!

  • Aaron

    OK, maybe it is too late to request a song.. But it’a worth a try. Because these aren’t songs until it touches our heart right? Anyway, I would love to hear “It’s Not a Song” from Straight Ahead. I’ve never heard this song live.. and those attending the Portland, OR show would love to hear it!
    :- )

  • julie

    I hope I can see you in Fort Worth (and am going to try to come to your Christmas show in Atlanta, too) – I would love to hear you sing “In a Little While.” I have never been to one of your concerts, but just about wore out my Age to Age cassette tape many years ago and have been a fan of yours ever since. You are a very special blessing!

  • LaDonna

    How about singing “Giggle”. It’s one of my favorites.

  • Kristy Allen

    I hope that you sing “friends” with or without M W S. I remember hearing itfor the first time in San Antonio Tx. with my mom, we both hugged and cried. She has since gone home to be with the Lord. This time, I will be at the Woodlands Concert with 2 of my 4 children celebrating my 40th birthday! Ouch! The Lord is truly good to allow us to be there at the Same time you are.
    Bless you and your testimony. Kristy Allen

  • michael tinson

    Amy ! Hi AMY OCT.4,2008
    I contact you after prayer and supplication with our FATHER IN HEAVEN. I know you know that the weapons of our spiritual warfare are not carnal for the pulling down of strongholds.
    We know there has always been a battle between good and evil, but I come today in the fact that I have been guided through prayer to inform.The enemy is acting up with lies to deceive the saints. Those whom belong to the world do not care and follow siut in any form or fashion.
    So I come to tell you ,PUT ON THE FULL AMOUR, put it on and keep the cross before to remind those, you have to get through Christ to get to me, this is where we are and I was told not to just inform you but America herself.
    I will continue to be a fan and pray that GOD ALMIIGHTY bless and keep you always.
    until, peace out ,love in and head to the sky,

  • michael howard

    OMG i cant belive it is 20 years since the first time i saw you in concert and lead me on … a life changing album…
    I would love to hear at the redmond, wa show… 1974 ( i love this song and it was the year i was born) and Wait For The Healing (such an amazing song :) :)
    and as a little touch Prodigal would rock the house :) :)
    thank you so much for your gift and your talent you are amazing …

  • LightJesusMaryLover

    Thank you for asking us for requests. Anything and everything from “unguarded” – PLEASE!

  • Chuck Bridgen

    The last time I had a chance to speak to you in 2003, you told me you never performed “Faithless Heart” live before. I would LOVE to hear it at the Hershey, PA show on November 20th!!! See you at the soundcheck! I hope you will be signing autographs! :)
    -Chuck Bridgen
    PS. You’ll remember my airbrushed denim jacket with your picture on the back you signed for me the first time I met you 10 years ago.


    Amy & Vince,
    You both have inspired me to follow my *heart* to find my true love. I have done that. Steve & I are going to celebrate our love together with spiritual meaning at your concert in Worcester, MA in December 2008. I feel truly *blessed* to be able to be a part of this special tribute. I am very aware of what you and Vince went through to be together. Me & Steve share very similar circumstances. You both have been quite an inspiration to us both. May God bless you both. We will be with you in December to CELEBRATE. Peace! Pauline & Steve XOXOXOXOXO

  • Pauline


  • nancy k

    Wow, wish i would’ve seen your blog in early sept – my favorite on that record besides lead me on is the one about ‘if these walls could speak’ – can’t recall the name. that sound was directly instrumental in my finally putting pen to paper about my grandparents house in New England! I love it love it love it now as much as I did then!

  • Heather Sherraden

    November 19, 2008 – Last Sunday my husband took me to your Lead Me On tour for my 38th birthday (held at Central Christian Church in Wichita, KS). To be honest, though I have always loved your music, I have never owned your Lead Me On CD. I’ve only owned “Heart in Motion” and the one with ‘Cry a River’ (I’m great in remembering album titles, aren’t I?). So I was a bit worried I wouldn’t know any of the songs. A lot of what you played brought me back to those days before having three boys, a busy married life and time barely to breathe.
    My favorite part of seeing you was at the 10:30 service, when Amy was just Amy . . .half awake and minus a good cup of coffee. Sister, with a 6 month old teething son I could SO relate! God bless you and keep you and your crew safe on the road. My prayers will be with you.

  • Susan Watkins

    Amy, I met you after your show in Ft.Worth at the meet and greet and was so “star struck” that I couldn’t really say what I wanted to. I also felt bad that you were going to have to ride all night to Branson. I know it was probably a comfortable ride, but still I didn’t want to take too much of your time. What I wanted to say was that your music and the example you have set over the years has meant so much to me. I’ve said many times to my husband, “If I ever had the chance to meet a celebrity it would be Amy Grant!” I can’t believe I met you and you took the time to take a picture and sign an autograph. You are a truely genuine person. May God continue to bless you and your family. Thanks again, Susan



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