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Posted on: September 5th, 2008 by admin 21 Comments

It has begun. The real work that is. There have been meetings and phone calls in the past few months, including a conference call with the AG team and myself while I was in Ukraine. (That was the longest distance conference call I have ever done) We have discussed bits and pieces but now the time to make it happen is upon us. It seems like just yesterday that Amy was discussing this tour idea with me back in Dallas this past March. How time has flown. You are in for a special night with most of the original band back for this tour. It is definitely a privilege to work with such great people.

For the last three weeks I have been reviewing contracts, working out hotel arrangements, and pulling the final crew together. We are going to have a great crew out on this tour. Some of the faces you will know and others will be new to you. Nonetheless they will be great. In addition, I have begun working with the first shows on the tour in Phoenix, Irvine, Bakersfield, and Visalla, CA. There are some great people out there that are super excited about this tour and putting on a great show for community.

Want a glimpse behind the scenes of what it takes to get a tour out the door and on the road. Bookmark this blog as you will see entries from me, some of the crew, and the band from the road. Lead Me On, 20 years later. Don’t miss the show…

Justin – Amy’s Tour Manager

  • Stephen Salter

    Hi Justin,
    I am excited about this tour. It will be the first time I see Amy live. I will be at the Upper Darby, PA concert at the Tower Theatre. Good luck and hope everything goes off without a hitch.
    Thanks, Stephen Salter

  • Laura

    I am so sad that there are no OHIO dates…I was at the May 08 Concert in Newark and it was amazing as always. I’ve followed Amy’s career since 1982 when all I could listen to was her straight ahead TAPE. (there was not CD!) Such a wonderful & warm ray of God’s light and love and that’s what makes her music so meaningful and able to endure after all these years! Please AG team….get Ohio on the schedule!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Salinas

    I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the release of “Lead Me On.” I consider it one of my favorite Amy Grant Albums. I was just listening to it and it still blows me away. I am not a Christian (not even close!), but I have been a fan of Amy since 1986. I love the music, lyrics, and the emotional honesty that permeates throughout. I always felt that Lead Me On was a major accomplishment for Amy, because it was her first cohesive statement. I have her other albums from before and they pale in comparison. She made a lot of great songs before as chronicled on “The Collection.” However, Lead Me On was her first album that was actually listenable from beginning to end. I got tuned into her through the collection album, which is also an amazing achievement. She worked her way up the Lead Me On. So, I want to thank Amy for “lead me on.” It really meant something to me.

  • Michael

    I’m very excited that Amy and team made the decision to recreate what I beleive was one of Amy’s best if not the best of Amy’s tours to date. The songs from LMO, the sets and the band were all amazing. Personaly I believe LMO is one of Amy’s best works to date. I cannot wait for stop #1…Phoenix, AZ !



  • James Moore

    Love Amy,will there ever be anymore Tulsa visits?

  • Ahlers Family-LeMars, IA

    We are excited to see your LMO concert in Sioux City, IA on 9/19/08. We have our red chairs ready in our outdoor livingroom for you to come and sit for awhile on our farm. (We have added a few more since your visit to our farm in 2005) We can’t wait to see you in concert. The Ahlers Family

  • Melissa & Aaron

    Loved the Heart In Motion stop to Sioux City. Looking forward to Lead Me On(Again). Really enjoyed the stop you made in LeMars where I introduced my then almost 6 year old to you. “saved by love” could have been written for my sis in law.
    Safe Travels and looking forward to Friday Night.

  • Mark David Walker

    Hi Amy,
    Just wanna say Hello from the Canadian Rockies and love your Spirit and guitar playing for years. Thankkkkkk Youuuuuu so much for going the distance. Your remain a light of encouragement to me at times when, God knows, I need it.
    SDG mark

  • lily zeledon

    amy, hi, I have been a fan of yours since I first became saved in 1988, and my first chrisitan tape was your “Lead Me ON” cd, after that I became a fan and own almost all your cd’s, I’ve seen you in concert in Ft. Lauderdale way back when, and that same year I went to Virginia and saw you there also. Now I find out your touring for your lead me on cd twentieth anniversary but your not coming to Florida. Please consider it as there are alot of us who would love to hear you sing. Thanks so much.

  • Deb Finley

    Hi Amy and Crew,
    Congrats on such an accomplishment! It seems like yesterday that I bought the LMO tape (thank God for CDs now)! Wish it were coming to Rochester, NY, but I have fond memories of the original LMO Tour! I was in the second row behind Amy’s Photographer. We kept raising our cameras at the same time but I took only one or two because I was afraid of messing up her pics!! Ha ha!

  • Barry

    I still have the photos I took as an Air Force photojournalist at the March, 1989 San Antonio, TX Lead Me On show. I turned a few over to Jerry McPherson’s mother-in-law before the House of Love concert in Tampa hoping to complement the photos with an autograph or two. The artists must have been so impressed that I never saw the photos again. I was flattered.
    1988 and 1989 were momentous years for me and the ambience of Lead Me On captivated my attention for quite some time. Lyrically poignant and musically evocative. I’d appreciated Amy’s releases since I was a kid in 1980 (she gave me her TAB cola can backstage in 1981 when the band consisted of Amy and some guy on acoustic guitar). Has there ever been an artist whose work affected you because it spoke about experiences you were living through? Or, perhaps, it possessed an indelible quality because it was something you shared with someone you loved profoundly. Amy and Michael were those artists during my formative years. When I listen today to songs that were released during that time, I can recall the emotions and remember those who meant the most to me. Certainly, Amy has never known and presumably never will, how those songs impacted this kid with his new faith, this kid experiencing love for the first time. That those songs were providing part of the soundtrack to my life. Lead Me On proved to be the end of an era in Christian music and for me personally as I neared the completion of the first quarter century of my life.
    Twenty years later, I still appreciate the work and the memories and would also appreciate revisiting the songs. If it is at all possible for you to visit the Tampa, Florida region, I’m certain many others would also appreciate the opportunity to revisit them as well.
    Who knows? I might finally get those photographs signed. That would be sweet.
    God bless(es) you all

  • Jim Cordero

    I just want to echo the above comments from the person in the Tampa area. I too was first introduced to Christian music through Amy, Michael, and a few others of that time. I was also introduced to Christ, the Gosple, and the Faith I’ve held on to ever since then. Actually the Faith that has carried me ever since then. Not long ago while I was at Sonshine fest I was thinking about the concerts of my formative years, and how I would love to relive those moments. I never missed an Amy Grant concert and they always stood out as the best in every way. So it amazes me that a 20 year LMO tour is happening. I would love to see this and for my family, who has never seen Amy, to as well. We live in Des Moines, Iowa and really wanted for us to see her tonight. Maybe, and I pray we can, we’ll be able to see this tour somewhere. Thank you and all those who work with you. God Bless and be with you all.

  • David Charron

    I was hoping by now that there would be a surprise Florida date but I think my chances are vanishing. This would be a major bummer if Amy did not make it to the sunshine state for the “Dream Re-Tour”….Help.

  • Christina

    Hi Justin,
    I can’t wait until you come to Spokane. I am a little worried because no one knows Amy is coming. And the show could be cancelled do to low ticket sales. Could you do a big fav. Let the promoters know to do a little more promoting!!!! Thanx.

  • Steven

    Am I geeky enough to say “woohoo! Filemaker!!!” Looking forward to the 10/23 show in Morgan Hill!

  • Missy Majnarich

    I agree with the low Spokane promotion.
    I just found out Amy is coming and I am so excited! My husband and I went to this tour in Spoakne 20 years ago, we were newly married and it was a birthday gift -as it is again (my B-day is 10/28). I swear it was in Oct, 1988 that we were both there!
    I will be ready to turn back the clock!

  • Jim Cordero

    My wife and I were at that concert in Spokane also. I wish we could attend this one. Now we live in Des Moines Iowa and I don’t now how we’ll make it to any of them. Are hopes are set high that we’ll get to make it to a once in a lifetime concert again.

  • Howard Bethea

    hey i saw the concert on the 15 in Branson MO.i loved it my little sister who was called home 2 year ago would sing your songs seeing you live the other made me feel closer thy word was her favrite song thank you i hope you another 20 year big hugs you and much love bless you and your family your friend

  • Howard Bethea

    hey i saw the concert on the 15 in Branson MO.i loved it my little sister who was called home 2 year ago would sing your songs seeing you live the other made me feel closer thy word was her favrite song thank you i hope you another 20 year big hugs you and much love bless you and your family your friend

  • Marcia Hedrick

    Justin, my husband and I were scheduled to fly out of San Antonio into Peoria, IL tomorrow 10/23 for Amy’s concert Friday at Peoria Civic Center. I bought tickets for us and my sister and her husband. Why is it cancelled??? Her website is not showing anything except that she will be in Peoria, when actually she won’t. What’s up???

    We have a rental car, and hotel rooms reserved as well as our air tickets…….



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